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3S 18650 Lithium Battery Charger and Balance Protection Board - BCPB2[702]

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Functional Cables Kit for BCPB2




BCPB2 is a highly reliable Lithium-Ion Battery Charging, Protection, and Balancing Board that operates with wide input range, 5-24V. This board is able to charge the batteries from input voltages above, below, or equal to the output voltages. It is designed for 3 in series 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery which provides approximately 30-40Wh energy. The MPPT charging integrated feature supports a 15-24V power supply. BCPB2 is complemented with a visualized display of battery level indicators. To ensure the reliability of this board, it is equipped with full protection circuit; overcurrent, over-temperature, short circuit, and over/under voltage protection. The battery balancing IC allows constant battery voltage between 3 in series 18650 Lithium-Ion cells. It is designed for industrial application with verified MTBF for low-temperature increment under rigorous design.

The battery charger and balance protection board is designed for 3 pcs 18650 Lithium batteries in series, which aren’t included in the package. You need to prepare the Lithium-ion batteries with 3.6V typical working voltage and 4.2V overcharge protection voltage. Besides, any other batteries especially LiFePO4 battery are prohibited.

Video for introduction and charging demonstration: link

Video for demonstration of modified BCPB2 charging Lead-acid battery: link

  • TypeBattery Charger
  • StyleModule & Board
  • Charging Voltage from DC5V-24V
  • Full Protection Circuit
  • Charge and Discharge at the Same Time
  • LED Indicators for Battery Level
  • Solar Charging Supported
  • Two Output Ports
  • Battery Voltage Balancing
Specifications typical @ +25℃ unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameters Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Supply Voltage Both wide input range, DC Jack (J3) and Wago 2060 (J4) through a diode. 5.0 - 24.0 VDC
Solar panel input, Wago 2060 (J6) through a diode. 15.0 19.0 24.0 VDC
Supply Current Supply current at both wide input range, DC Jack (J3) & Wago 2060 (J4) are limited by boost circuit only, so typical current limitations are same. 0.75 1.5 - A
Output Current JST-PH (J9). The peak current is 8A for 200ms. - 4.0 4.0 A
Molex Micro-Fit (J11). The peak current is 12A for 200ms. - 6.0 6.0 A
Charge current Pre-charge current (0-140mA) might take hours before going to constant current charge mode at 0.6A typical. The charging current decreases dramatically after reaching constant voltage mode which start at 4.2V. The maximum charge current can only be obtained if Iin: 1.5A, Vin: 24V are supplied to the board. Charge current decreases if lower input current and voltage applied to the board. 0.6 – 15% 0.6 0.6 + 15% A
Over-Current Protection Overcurrent protection circuit unable to function properly if the battery is connected directly to the load. The peak current is 14A for 150ms. 6.0 7.0 (cont. and max.) A
Battery Capacity Use 2300mAh to get the typical value. Refer battery’s user manual if you are using your own Lithium-Ion battery. 2300mAh 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery
Overcharge Detection Voltage (per cell) Once overcharge protection is triggered at 4.24V, users are supposed to wait until the voltage drops to ‘over voltage release voltage’, 4.18V and activate again for normal use. 4.19 4.24 4.29 V
Overcharge Release Voltage (per cell) 4.00 4.05 4.10 V
Over-Discharge Detection Voltage (per cell) A power supply must be plugged-in for the BCPB2 to have power output after installing or reinstalling batteries. Once the board goes into the protection mode, the same activation process should be executed to re-activate the board. 2.72 2.80 2.88 V
Over-Discharge Release Voltage 2.90 3.00 3.10 V
Operating Temperature For wide operation range version, please contact us for solutions. 0 20 50







10 Sep 2022

Hi we tried the BCPB2 to power wind sensors in very remote locations. After some testing we found out that the module does not power on after a bettery low condition no matter what voltage the solapannel delivers. if we connect the solar pannel to the power input the board is starting. is there a modifacation we could do that makes the BCPB2 to power on, on solar input?

Hello, Andreas. This may be because the charging power of your solar panel is lower than the discharging power of battery board. It's suggested to use solar panel higher than 15W with DC15-24V output voltage. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


02 Aug 2022

Hello Wondom We have your BCPB2 battery card and it works very well. There is this internal battery level LED indicator. Would it be possible for us to display this indicator externally, e.g. via LEDs on a speaker plate? In the PDF document for the board under Port Definitions there is a J5 and J12 connector, however I can't see any description of them. Hope you can help us. Regards Jimmy Alstrup, ACEsound, Denmark

Hello, Jimmy. Thank you for your kind feedback for our products. J12 is the port for external battery level status LEDs. You can find the cables in the Functional cables kit for BCPB2. Here is the link for your reference. https://store.sure-electronics.com/product/PS-BC12312 Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


03 Jun 2022

Hi, According to the specification sheet the maximum changing current is 0.6A. Is that per battery ? and at what voltage is this ? Thank you

Hello, Henry. Thank you for your interest in our products. The maximum charging current 0.6A is based on the entire battery board. 0.6A charging current can only be obtained with a 1.5A 24V power supply. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


01 Jun 2022

Hi, the supply current for j3 and j4 is limited by the boost circuit (~1.5amps). However the solar input J6 does not use the boost circuit only the buck, is there a maximum supply current for the J6 connector ?

Hi, Henry. Thank you for your interest in our products. There is no limit on the current of solar charging port. The voltage range for this solar charging port is 15V-24V. BCPB2 is equipped with MPPT voltage tracking function, so it can be charged even with low current as long as the voltage is within the recommended range. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


02 Mar 2022

Dear team, If I combine a BPCB2 battery board with a JAB4 amplifier, how should I connect the external 24V power supply? (BPCB2 and JAB4 connected with 4-wire battery cable) - Do I connect it only to the BPCB2 board? In this case, DC power supplt charges the batteries, and the BPCB2 board supplies the amplifier? - Do I connect it to both the JAB4 and the BPCB board? Int this case, the power supply charges the batteries and powers the amplifier, and the amplifier gets a higher voltage? thanks, Daniel

Hi, Daniel. Thank you for your interest in our products. BCPB2 supports charge and discharge at the same time. That means, you can connect power supply to BCPB2 to charge the batteries, and connect BCPB2 with JAB4 to power the amplifier. Furthermore, you can connect 24V power supply to BCPB2 and JAB4 at the same time, while BCPB2 still connect to JAB4. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


31 Jan 2022

Hello dear Wondow team! I have BCPB2 like this https://store.sure-electronics.com/images/question/LED%20INDICATORS.png but my BCPB2 is not similar BCPB2 on this page https://store.sure-electronics.com/images/product/connection/1702-connection.jpg Can you give description of my BCPB2 (I think that it is old version) or how I can correctly connect solar panel and load to my BCPB2?

Hello, Alex. Please kindly refer to the following link for the datasheet of the old version (V110) BCPB2. https://store.sure-electronics.com/images/documents/PS-BC12111V110%203S%2018650%20Lithium-ion%20Battery%20Charger%20and%20Balance%20Protection%20Board.pdf Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


12 Jan 2022

Good Morning. Many thanks for your support. I just installed new batteries..and seesm to work well..is the capacity a problem? I'm usinig 8800mah batteries. One more question. Each time the overall voltage moves below 12v the cisrcuit start to charge..so red led will lid on right? Thanks. maurizio

Hi, maurizio. Thank you for your purchase. BCPB2 is designed for Lithium battery with 4.2V saturation voltage. There is nothing to do with the capacity. When the overall voltage is below 12V, the charging circuit will start and the charging LED will be ON. That's right. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


30 Dec 2021

Dear Wondom Team good morning. Is it possible to use the BCPB2 disconnected from the power supply as i'm doing at the moment? My target is to have a battery power supply completely disconnected from the grid during the music listening. Can you tell me the voltage settings fo the battery charger? It's stops to charge at 4.2...but..when it starts again to charge the batteries? @ 2.8 Volts ? Many thanks in advance. Maurizio

Hi, Maurizio. Thank you for your interest in our products. Yes. You can disconnect BCPB2 with the power supply when you are playing music. BCPB2 is designed for 18650 batteries, of whom the voltage is 4.2V when fully charged and the under voltage value is 2.8V. The charge will stop when battery voltage reaches 4.2V. When the overall voltage is lower than 12V, charging circuit will start to work. Charging or not is also up to if the protection circuit has been released. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


30 Dec 2021

Dear Wondom Team good morning. I bought one BCPB2 from your Italian dealer, but i'm facing some issues with the device. First of all i could not find any manual on your website. The link is not working. The BCPB2 is connected to a dac to be used as battery power supply..I realized that the device is cutting the output when the voltage is still at 10.8 volts...so i never reach the 8.4 as should be. The power consumption of the dac is around 350 mA. Any tips about.? MAurizio

Hi, MAurizio. We have fixed the problem and you can browse the datasheet now. https://store.sure-electronics.com/images/documents/PS-BC12111%203S%2018650%20Lithium-ion%20Battery%20Charger%20and%20Balance%20Protection%20Board.pdf As for the problem you mentioned, please check if the voltage of each battery is consistent. This condition usually happens when the voltage of one of the batteries is lower than 2.8V. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


17 Dec 2021

Hello wondom Team Is its possible to get about 20A current out of this board (using IMR Batterys)? Wich resistor has to be changed? R9? Second question if i use two diffrent outputs what is happend to the current limiting? For example use J9 and J11 in parallel? Is the current limit 4+6 =10A?

Hi. Thank you for your interest in our products. 1. You can change RS4 on BCPB2 to a 5mOhm resistor. It's not suggested to do so as it may have a negative effect on the batteries. We would not provide warranty to any damage caused by mis-operation or modification. Wish you could understand us. 2. All the discharging ports shares the same output circuit. The only difference is the terminal interfaces. So there is no change on the overall output current and also the current limit. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


08 Dec 2020

Hi, I tried to insert 18650 batteries to the BCPB2 module but they doesn't seem to fit. These batteries use protection circuit so they are slightly longer than the unprotected type. Which type of batteries should I use?

Hi, Manuel. Thank you for your interest in our products. There is full protection circuit equipped in BCPB series, such as over charge protection, under voltage protection, discharging short circuit protection, discharging over current protection and balance circuit. Therefore, you can use the batteries without protection circuit directly. Wish this could help you.

Afif Amali .Othman

07 Jul 2020

Hi. Can i do spot welding of 2 similar 18650 and mount it in the battery slot for each slot? meaning to have 3 pairs (2 batteries each) of spot welded 18650 for the board?

Hi, Afif Amal. Thank you for your interest in our products. It's not recommended to do like you said. If the voltage of the batteries are different, it may cause overcurrent and the batteries will overheat, which may cause damage and danger. Wish this could help you.


28 Jun 2020

I understand it is difficult to give an exact answer, but I would like to use the 3S module with an JAB2-50, How long can I use it with a normal volume, so not very loud just to use it in my garage. I really have no idea? Is it a couple of hours or a couple of minutes? Thanks Tom

Hi, Tom. Thank you for your interest in our products. When fully charged, the total capacity of BCPB2 is 2600mAh x 4.2V x 3=32.76 Wh. You can estimate the playback time according to the power of the audio. If the audio is light music and the volume is normal, it may play for 12h; If the volume is high, for example the power is 5W (Average), the playback time is around 6h. Wish this could help you.


23 May 2020

I am finding the output voltage is going over 12.6. I am using a 30w 1.75A solar panel. is there a problem with the overvoltage protection.

Hi, Shawn. The overvoltage detection voltage is 4.235 per cell, so the overvoltage protection voltage is 12.705V. It is reasonable if the output voltage is within this range. If the output voltage is larger than 12.705V, please kindly send a video to store@sure-electronics.com . We will find the problem and solve it for you. Wish this could help you.


18 May 2020

Is it possible to connect two of those board in parallel to increase capacity?

Hi, Jim. It is forbidden to connect BCPB series with each other in series or in parallel. If you want large capacity, BCPB3 or BCPB4 is recommended. Wish this could help you.


30 Apr 2020

Hi, can this board be used to power an amp from another brand? It can take bare wire in a screw terminal as well as a normal DC jack and has a working voltage of 10-24V. If yes, which output can I use on the battery board and which input on the amp?

Hi, WH.Melenhorst. Thank you for your interest in our products. The output voltage of BCPB2 is 12.6V when fully charged. You can use the J2 on the BCPB2. If the used cables are hard copper wires, the recommended diameter is within 1.5-2mm; if the cables are stranded conductor, please tin the wires and ensure the diameter within 1.5-2mm. Connect the cables to the terminal block of your amplifier. Wish this could help you.


25 Jan 2020

Hi ! Can we charge the18650 of an AA-JA11113? Just to be sure.

Hi, Chris. Thank you for your interest in our products. Please kindly be noted that for charging AA-JA11113, the charging circuit is integrated in JAB2, which means if you want to charge 18650 batteries with AA-JA11113, JAB2 is requisite. BCPB2 is equipped with the charging circuit, which can charge the batteries by connecting with a power supply within the recommended range. Wish this could help you.


14 Jan 2020

Hi, Can this recharge at the same time as it is supplying power to an amplifier board? Cheers, Andreas

Hi, Andreas. Yes, all boards in WONDOM BCPB series (BCPB1-4) are able to charge and discharge at the same time. Wish this could help you.


27 Dec 2019

When is the 5 x 18650 going to be released please?

Hi, David. Thank you for your interest in our products. The 5S 18650 is planned to be released around mid-January. Please stay tuned.


09 Dec 2019

Is the Battery output regulated on specific voltage? or is it the momentan battery voltage?

Hi, Martin. Thank you for your interest in our products. The output voltage of battery charging board is not a specific value. It’s up to the battery voltage. Wish this could help you.

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