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2 x 50 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board w ADAU1701 DSP & BT 5.0 - JAB3+[754]

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2pcs 140x103x49mm Waterproof DIY Cabinet WDC140 Case For JAB1/ JAB2 / JAB3+



Functional Cables Kit for JAB3+ / JAB4 / JAB5



Bluetooth Pairing Name Programming (store@sure-electronics.com)




JAB3+ is audio amplifier board integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 (supporting aptX HD) and ADAU1701 DSP, offering a real all-in-one audio solution for customers. JAB3+ covers 2 x 50W, 2 x 30W, 1 x 60W and 1 x 100W four models. Thanks to the equipped ADAU1701 DSP, JAB3+ supports programming with SigmaStudio, APP control and PC UI control after connection with WONDOM ICP5 or higher version(s), through which, you can adjust volume, gain, frequency and EQ setting to customize your own audio. In addition to speaker output, JAB3+ offers an extra mixed signal output, which can be input to other audio amplifier board to build audio 2.1 / 4.0 system. You can set it as stereo or mono with PC UI according to the connected amplifier board. Besides power supply, JAB3+ supports battery power, which greatly improves the portability. Wireless audio input, integrated ADAU1701 DSP, battery power, light weight and high quality audio performance make JAB3+ perfectly suitable for portable Bluetooth speakers, home audio, garden audio and DIY applications. A DC12V-26V power supply is required.

Demo program of JAB3+: video link

Open-sourced firmware of JAB3+ for restore factory settings: video link

Integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 module

JAB3+ employs Bluetooth 5.0 module for audio input, which supports various audio formats as aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, SBC & AAC and high receive sensitivity with RF power up to 9dBm and -90dBm. There is a built-in antenna equipped on this board. So you can directly pair JAB3+ with the device to play music. An external antenna port is also provided on the board to ensure the stable connection and high audio performance in such applications that JAB3+ is installed into a speaker or a cabinet.

Integrated with ADAU1701 DSP, Supporting Programming with SigmaStudio, APP and PC UI control

JAB3+ is also integrated with high performance ADAU1701 DSP chip for audio signal processing. Four ports for external potentiometers are mounted on JAB3+. You can use the external potentiometers to control the volume, gain and frequency even if JAB3+ is installed in a speaker. After connection with WONDOM ICP5 or higher versions, you can write a program with SigmaStudio, or get real-time remote control of your audio systems via APP or PC UI, through which, you can adjust gain, volume, high/low-pass filter, EQ and other parameters. ICP5 is under test now and will be released soon.

Supporting Line Input

In addition to Bluetooth input, JAB3+ supports 3.5mm line input. Signals from the two input methods will be mixed before being transmitted to the amplification circuit. You can get the 3.5mm AUX-IN cable in the Functional cables kit for JAB3+ (AA-JA11117).

Supporting Battery Power

Beside power supply, JAB3+ supports battery power, which greatly improve the portability of the systems. Please note, since JAB3+ is not equipped with charging circuit, it is recommended to use WONDOM BCPB series battery boards, which are equipped with charging circuit, to power JAB3+.

Cascading with Other boards to Build Audio 2.1/4.0 systems

JAB3+ provides a line output signal. An extra audio amplifier is required to connect with speakers for playback as it is an audio signal output. The output mode of this line output signal (stereo or mono) can be configured by customers according to the connected board through SigmaStudio or APP. Therefore, you can build an audio 2.1 / 4.0 system to your requirements. Fully considering the easy control and audio performance of the built audio system, Sure Electronics prepares a synchronization port on JAB3+ to ensure the control logic of the two boards are consistent. It is suggested to cascade standard audio amplifier boards whose AMP chip is TPA311x with JAB3+ for better connection and sound quality.

High Expandability and Playability

After providing the analog and digital I/Os of JAB3+, there are still pins available on ADAU1701. We have extended 10pins as extension port. You can develop JAB3+ to build your unique applications with this port. As for the mapping of ADAU1701, please refer to the datasheet. Many customers are interested in I2S input and output, therefore we configure this port to be applicable to I2S input and output.

Signal Level Sensor System

JAB3+ employs signal level sensor system for lower power consumption and longer playback time. It will continuously monitor the input signal and there is a preset signal voltage threshold. When there is no signal (voltage is lower than the threshold) detected for 5min, the amplifier module will enter into standby mode automatically, in which condition, it will consume lower power. When there is signal detected, it will run immediately without any miss of the audio.

Easy for Integration

Bluetooth pairing cancellation function is integrated on JAB3+. You can disconnect with Bluetooth by one simple press, without worry about which Bluetooth is paired. Standby function is also available on JAB3+. Ports for External LED indicators are offered to show the status of Bluetooth and signal, so you can have an overview of the running condition of JAB3+.

Optional Accessories

We provide optional accessories for customers’ simple operation. With 3.6’’ x 2.7’’ L-style bracket (AA-JA11115), you can immobilize JAB3+ in connection and installation stage. Functional cables kit (AA-JA11117) offers all the cables you need for better use of JAB3+. As for the detailed information, please refer to AA-JA11117.

Package Includes

1pc AA-JA32173

1pc Power Cable

1pc Speaker Cable

Introduction Video: video link

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)2
  • Output Power50
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • ChipsetTPA31xx
  • Heat DissipationHeat Sink
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load ModeYES
  • inputBluetooth, Single ended Line-in,
  • Power Voltage12V-26V
  • 3.60 x 2.70 Inches PCB Size
  • Battery Board Supported
  • Power Management Circuit
  • DSP & Bluetooth 5.0 Integrated
  • High Receive Sensitivity with RF power up to 9dBm and -90dBm
  • Supporting Various Audio Decode Formats as APTX, APTX HD, APTX-LL, SBC & AAC
  • Cascadable with Standard Amplifier Boards for Audio 4.0/2.1 System
  • Bluetooth Pairing Cancellation
  • External Control Potentiometers
  • Supporting ICP5 for PC UI control
Specifications typical @ +25℃, powered by 24V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Number of Channels - - 2 - -
Minimum Load Impedance - 3.2 4 - Ω
Efficiency 2 x 50W@4Ohm, 1kHz - 83 - %
Nominal Power Requirement @24V, 1kHz - 133 - W
Operating Voltage @1kHz, 4Ohm 12 24 26 V
Idle Power Signal detected - 1.8 - W
No Signal detected - 105 - mW
Switching Frequency SD Floating@24V - 400 - kHz
Power Consumption 1/4 of max output power@4Ohm, 24V, 1kHz - 33 - W
1/8 of max output power@4Ohm, 24V, 1kHz - 18 - W
 Control Standby (Low = inputs enabled) High-level Input Voltage 3.3 - - V
Low-level Input Voltage - - 0.8 V
Mute (High = outputs enabled) High-level Output Voltage                                                         3.3     V
Low-level Output Voltage - - 0.8 V
Standby Power SD short to GND, only when low power module available - 100 - mW
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Amp Gain @4Ohm, 20Hz - 20kHz - 25.8 - dB
DSP Gain SE1 (Single Amp) @4Ohm, 1kHz -60 - 0 dB
SE2 (Line Output) @4Ohm, 1kHz -60 - 6.5 dB
Input Sensitivity 2 x 50W@4Ohm, 1kHz, 23.5dB   770   mV
Filter Gain Butterworth, Q= 0.707 - 4 - dB
Cutoff Frequency HFP 0.25 - 2 kHz
LFP - 20 - kHz
SNR 2 x 50W@4Ohm, THD+N=1%, 25.8dB, A-weighting   91   dB
THD+N 5W@4Ohm, 1kHz,25.8dB   0.037   %
10W@4Ohm, 1kHz, 25.8dB   0.039   %
Input Impedance -   10  
Supported Sampling Rates - - 48 - kHz
Output Noise Level A-weighting, Input Connected to GND, 25.8dB   163   uV
DC Offset -   10   mV
Max output Level J7, Line Output Connector   1.94   dBu
Crosstalk Separation 20Hz-20kHz, Gain=26dB - -60 - dB







11 Oct 2021

Hi there I am interested to use this to build a mono active Bluetooth speaker (LF/HF drivers). If I build two such speakers, is it possible to configure one as Left and the other as Right, ie create a pair, in order to play in stereo (via Bluetooth)?

Hi, Jason. Thank you for your interest in our products. What you want is Bluetooth TWS. JAB3+ doesn't support this function now. We are working on TWS solution recently. Please kindly stay tuned. Have a nice day~

Hoang.Vu Dinh

07 Oct 2021

Hi, Can I connect AA-AB32256 with JAB3+ for 4.0 system and use Raspberry like a music sever using I2S?

Hello, Hoang. Thank you for your interest in our products. JAB3+ cannot be connected with AA-AB3225 since it has no I2S output. JAB4 can be connected with AA-AB32256. Here is the reference video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcnOx_mC6yM However, if AA-AB32256 is connected with JAB4, it cannot connect with Raspberry Pi then. Wish this could help you.


18 Sep 2021

Can you use the ICP3 to program this amp board through sigma audio?

Hi, Bela. Yes. You can program JAB3+ through SigmaStudio after connection with ICP3 / ICP1 programmer. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


18 Sep 2021

On the performance page for this amp board it says it'll output 20W @ 24V with a 4 ohm speaker. Is that accurate? and what will it output @ 12V?

Hi, Bela. Thank you for your interest in our products. JAB3+ can output 50W into a 4Ohm load with a DC24V power supply. When powered by 12V, the output power should be around 18W per channel into a 4Ohm load. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


07 Sep 2021

Many thanks for your answer to my previous question! One more question, do this amp and the JAB2V2 use the same amplifier chip? The JAB2V2 seems to have much lower distortion according to the performance graphs you've published. Thanks again.

Hi, Andreas. The amp chips used are the same, TPA3116. Why JAB2v2 features lower distortion is because the DSP in JAB2v2 is bypass, while ADAU1701 DSP in JAB3+ functions as audio processing. Wish this could help you. Have a great day~


06 Sep 2021

In the downloaded sample DSP program the Main Schematic has Aux_ADC_0 input controlling the volume. it is connected to two "Single Slew Ext Volume" blocks in series (one feeding the other). Why are there two of these in series? Could this be done with one? What is the point of putting two of them.

Hi, Peter. We use two volume control blocks in series in order to enhance attenuation capacity, as one module may not be able to decrease volume to the minimum level. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


03 Sep 2021

Hi, this board seems to have almost identical specs to the cheaper AA-JA32171V2. What are the differences in terms of performance and features between these two boards? Thanks.

Hi, Andreas. Thank you for your interest in our products. The DSP integrated in JAB3+ is Analog ADAU1701, which can support programming through SigmaStudio. The DSP equipped in JAB2v2 is an ARM, it doesn't support SigmaStudio programming. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


03 Sep 2021

Hi, do you already have more info on the release date for the ICP5 ?

Hi, Diogo. Thank you for your interest in our products. ICP5 would be released in this week. Please stay tuned.


25 Aug 2021

There are several through hole solder pads on the board...some just behind the bluetooth hardware and some near that. I could not find what they are for in the connection diagrams. Can you tell me what signals come out to those solder pads? THanks

Hello, Peter. Those solder pads are used for connecting with specific tools to rename Bluetooth. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~

Oliver.John von Zydowitz

22 Aug 2021

Does this board support PBTL (Parallel Bridge Tied Load) to run as mono amplifier with 1x100W? What is the correct connection / wiring scheme for PBTL?

Hi, Oliver.John. It is not suggested for customers to configure stereo JAB3+ into PBTL mode by yourselves as some soldering work is required. We have released 1 x 100W JAB3+ as well. You can purchase the mono version directly. Here is the link for your reference. https://store.sure-electronics.com/product/AA-JA31183 Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


01 Aug 2021

Is there a way to use two JAB3+ together with a standard stereo amplifier, or one JAB3+ with 2 standard stereo amplifier?

Hi, David. JAB3+ doesn't support such functions as you said and it is not recommended to do so. Have a nice day.


04 Jul 2021

Hi, do you already have more info on the release date for the ICP5 ?

Hi, Diogo. Thank you for your interest in our products. ICP5 is going to be released in 1-2 month. We will spare no effort to launch it ASAP.


07 Jun 2021

Hi, when I short-circuit between "STBY" and "GND" to enter standby mode, the bluetooth led keeps blinking even after 5 minutes. Is it possible to really turn off the JAB3 + when i short "STBY" and "GND"? Thank you

Hi, Jean-Marie. We have implemented tests and it shows that JAB3+ would enter standby mode if you short circuit "STBY" and "GND". Could you please kindly provide us with several pictures or videos so that we can shoot the problem and solve it for you? Please send email to store@sure-electronics.com. We will reply to you as soon as we receive your email.


07 Jun 2021

Hello, I still want to know how to disable the signal level sensor. Shorting "+5V" and "RST" doesn't work. Then the amplifier turns off and can not be paired with bluetooth. Thank you.

Hello, Adrian. The signal level sensor system on this batch JAB3+ can not be turned off. We will upgrade the program in next batch of manufacture.

gian paolo.santopaolo

27 May 2021

Hello I want to create a Bluetooth speaker with the jab3+ AA-JA32173 with all the accessories for the board, I don't want analog input. I want to program the board. Are the the accessories I need: AA-JA11117 DB-DP11224 PS-BC12112 PS-BC12311 do I need ADAU1701?

Hi, gian paolo. Thank you for your interest in our products. JAB3+ is integrated with ADAU1701 DSP chip. Since JAB3+ does not support APP control by now and you want to program the board, you can buy ICP1 rather than ICP3. Wish this could help you.


18 May 2021

How exactly do I permanently turn off the signal level sensor? If I short "RST" and "+5V" no sound comes out at all when I turn on the amp. When I remove the short and turn on the amp again it still has the signal level sensor on. My amps are battery powered.

Hi, Adrian. We have conveyed your feedback to our R&D department. They will solve it soon. We will inform you of the solution once it is done.


29 Apr 2021

Hi, do you already have more info on the release date for the ICP5 ?

Hi, Diogo. Due to the shortage of chip and resulted long lead time, the release of ICP5 has been delayed. We will try our best to release it ASAP.


12 Apr 2021

Where can I get a power switch for this model? I have a interface board but it doesn't work.

Hi, Jose. You can short circuit "STBY" and "GND" of J12 on JAB3+. You can lead it out with a switch for easy control. Please note that the interface board (AA-JA11112) can not be used with JAB3+. Wish this could help you.

Andres .De Freitas

08 Apr 2021

Good nights. Is it possible to change the name of the connection of the bluetooth module of the amplifier? I am very interested in this. Stay tuned to your comments. @WONDOM Audio Good afternoon thanks for the reply. Could you tell me which module I would have to buy to program the QUALCOMM CSR module?

Hello, Andres. The module is DK-TRBI200-CE684-1 Programmer. Wish this could help you.


30 Mar 2021

Can I hook up 6 Ohm speakers to this amp?

Hi, Jose. Yes. You can use JAB3+ to drive 6Ohm speakers. The output power is around 48W @ 6Ohm, 24V. Wish this could help you.

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