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Functional Cables Kit For The Connection Between JAB2 With JAB3 (JAB accessories)[715]

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2 x 30 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Audio DSP - JAB3-230 (for Gaming Kiosks)




AA-JA11116 is a Functional cables kit specially designed for easy connection of JAB2 and JAB3 to build an audio 2.1 / 4.0 system integrated with both DSP and Bluetooth. In order to achieve a better compatibility between JAB2 and JAB3 for high audio performance, JAB2 and JAB3 not only need audio connection but also control connection to make the control logic of both boards consistent, so that the audio processing and audio flow can be smoother. A PH-6pin cable and a PH-3pin cable are provided for audio and control connection between JAB2 and JAB3. External Bluetooth, power and charge LED indicator cables are offered to show the condition of the audio system even if the amplifier boards are installed in closed cabinets such as portable speakers or kiosks. Bluetooth control cable is also available for Bluetooth pairing cancellation and turning OFF/ON. There is a PH-2pos cable in this kit for shutdown the whole system. As both JAB2 and JAB3 support battery power, with the multiple discharging ports of WONDOM battery board, you can use one battery board to power JAB2 and JAB3 at the same time. A PH-4pos cable is included in this kit for power from battery board.

Video for connection of JAB2 and JAB3: video link

Package Includes

1pc AA-JA11116, Functional cables kit for the connection between JAB2 and JAB3

  • SizeOthers
  • ChipsetOthers
  • Heat DissipationNo Heat Sink & FAN
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load Mode/
  • inputALL,
  • Easy for connection between JAB2 and JAB3
  • PH-6Pos Audio Connection Cable x 1
  • PH-3Pos Control Connection Cable x 1
  • PH-4Pos Charging Cable x 1
  • PH-2Pos Mute Control Cable x 1
  • LED Indicator Cables: Green x 1, Red x 1, Blue x 1
  • Bluetooth Contorl Cable with Button x 1



01 Sep 2020

What cable do I need to connect the JAB2 to the USB charging power/ on/off accessory board?

Hi, Tom. Do you mean the INTERFACE EXTENSION BOARD WITH USB CHARGE ONLY (AA-JA11112)? A 10-pin cable is needed for connection between the extension board and JAB2. The 10-pin cable comes with the extension board (AA-JA11112). Wish this could help you.


20 Mar 2019

Does this also connect JAB3 to JAB1?

Hi, William. This Functional Cables Kit is used for connection between JAB3 and JAB2. JAB3 cannot be connected with JAB1.

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