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Low Power (<30W per channel)

2 x 15Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board - TPA3110[143]

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Huntkey HKA03619021-8C 19V 2.1A 40W AC/DC Power Adapter




AA-AB32996 is a stereo audio amplifier board which delivers 15W output power per channel into an 8Ohm load based on a Tripath-style Texas Instruments TPA 3110 chip, featuring high efficiency up to 87.2% and high audio performance with low THD+N and high SNR. This board supports PBTL, which means it can be configured as mono 30W audio amplifier, which is simply achieved by switch without any need of soldering. In addition, AA-AB32996 supports not only single-ended input but also differential input. Low output power, compact size and high reliability making it suitable for DIY audio, home audio, industrial audio applications, kiosk, self-service equipment like vending machine, ticket machine, guide machine and so on. A DC10V – 24V power supply is required.

1 x 30W / 2 x 15W Mode

This audio amplifier board supports two operation modes, stereo 15W or mono 30W. You buy one board and get two modes, which is highly cost-effectively. Customers can choose between the two modes easily with the on-board switch. As for the details on setting, please refer to the user manual.

Supporting Both Single-ended Input and Differential Input

2 RJ128 connectors and 2 RCA jack are used for single-ended input connection. Differential input is also widely used in many applications as it features such strong ability to resist interference that it can effectively suppress common-mode interference. Fully considering that, Sure Electronics provides differential input with AA-AB32996. Please note that single-ended input and differential input cannot use at the same time and switches are offered for change. As for the details on setting, please refer to the user manual.

High Quality Audio Performance

By means of dedicated PCB layout design and engineers’ attentive debugging, this low power audio amplifier board features such high audio performance that you can get pure enjoy of the music, whose SNR reaches 94.4dB (differential input) and THD+N performs well as 0.0257% @ 8Ohm, 1W, 1kHz.

Easy for Installation

Four screw holes provided make this amplifier board easy for installation and quick for integration in any cabinet. Thanks to the pre-mounted industrial terminal interfaces, all you need to do is to plug in cables for connection, without any demand of soldering, which is swift and convenient. Power indicator is provided on board for customers to have an overview of the real-time condition of the amplifier board. This board is in 3.6’’ x 2.7’’ compact size, which can be easily integrated into any audio projects without occupation of too much space.

High Reliability and Long Service Time

Excellent heat dissipation eliminates the requirement of an extra heatsink and increases its reliability. Full protection circuit, like over temperature protection and overcurrent protection, is equipped on this board for high reliability and long service time.

Suitable for Industrial Audio Applications

This board supports switch between stereo mode ad mono mode. It also supports both single-ended input and differential input. All the interfaces are mounted for easy connection and system integration. Thus, this board is applicable for industrial audio applications, especially for kiosk, vending machine, guide machine and small-scale game machine.

Package Includes

1pc AA-AB32996

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)2
  • Output Power15
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • ChipsetTPA31xx
  • Heat DissipationNo Heat Sink & FAN
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load ModeNO
  • inputSingle ended Line-in,
  • Power Voltage10V-24V
  • Output Power
  • 15W@8Ohm 16V DC THD+N 10%
  • 10W@8Ohm 16V DC THD+N 1%
  • Power Indicator
  • Stereo Mode and Mono Mode Configurable
  • Supporting Single-ended Input and Differential Input
  • Heat Dissipation through PCB Copper
  • Over current Protection
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • 4-screw Easy Installation
  • Weight: 167g/ 0.37 lbs (±10%)
  • Size: 3.60 x 2.70 x 0.65 inches
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ.  Max. Units
Power Supply - 10 16 24 VDC
Idle Power SD Floating - 0.16 0.3 W
Standby Power SD Connected to GND, FAN OFF - 0.006 0.1 W
Maximum Current 30W @ 8Ohm - 2.2 - A
Efficiency 15W @ 8Ohm - 87.2 - %
Minimum Load Impedance - 4 8 - Ω
Switching Frequency SD Floating -  315 - KHz
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Gain - 24 25 26 dB
Input Sensitivity(RMS) @8Ω, 15W, 1KHz - 589 - mV
Input Impedance - - 22 -
Output Power @8Ω THD+N 1% - 10 - W
@8Ω THD+N 10% - 15 - W
Bandwidth @ ±3dB @8Ω 20 - 20K    Hz
THD @8Ω, 1W, 1KHz - 0.0257 - %
@8Ω, 10W, 1KHz - 0.36 - %
Output Noise Level A-weighting, Input Connected to GND       - 114.8 - µV
SNR 10W @8Ω THD+N 1% - 94.4 - dB







27 Jul 2022

Hi, Would this board be suitable for a small practice guitar amp, in mono mode? Thanks, Jan

Hello, Jan. This amplifier board can only function as signal amplification. If you want to use it for guitar application, you need to prepare pre-device, such as pickup equipment and signal processing module. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~

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