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Mid Power(30-300W per channel)

1 X 200 Watt 3 Ohm Class D Audio Amplifier Board - T-AMP[716]

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This is a mono Class D audio amplifier board with mid output power as 200W into a 3Ohm load based on Class D topology and Sure’s T-AMP technology, featuring low distortion and high efficiency up to 93%. Easy installation, high audio performance and mid-power output makes this audio amplifier board suitable for home audio, DIY audio, desktop audio, game machine audio, kiosk audio and other demanding industrial applications. A DC15V – 36V power supply is required.

High Quality Audio Performance

By means of dedicated PCB layout design and engineers’ attentive debugging, this low power audio amplifier board features high audio performance, whose SNR reaches up to 101dB and THD+N performs well as 0.0051% @ 3Ohm, 1W, 1kHz. Output noise level is only 129uV at the condition of outputting 150W @ 3Ohm, THD+N 1%.

High Reliability and Long Service Time

An optimized heatsink is mounted atop the board for better heat dissipation, which improves its reliability even if in rough working environment. Full protection circuit, like over temperature protection and overcurrent protection, is equipped on this board for high reliability and long service time.

Easy for Installation

Four screw holes provided make this amplifier board easy for installation and quick for integration in any cabinet. Thanks to the pre-mounted industrial terminal interfaces, all you need to do is to plug in cables and enjoy music, without any demand of soldering, which is swift and convenient. If you want all the interfaces, please contact us. MOQ would be required. Power and clip indicators are provided on board to give you indications of the overall condition of this amplifier board. This board supports shutdown function, you can simply control your audio system.

Package Includes

1pc AA-AB31282

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)1
  • Output Power200
  • Size4.8 x 3.6 inches (121.92mm x 91.44mm)
  • ChipsetT-AMP
  • Heat DissipationHeat Sink
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load Mode/
  • inputSingle ended Line-in,
  • Power Voltage15V-36V
  • Output Power
  • 200W@3Ohm 34V DC THD+N 10%
  • 150W@3Ohm 34V DC THD+N 1%
  • Power and Clip Indicator
  • Support Volume Control Board (VC01)
  • BTL Topology
  • Shutdown Function
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Optimized Heatsink Design
  • Weight: 398g/0.88 lbs (±10%)
  • Size: 4.80 x 3.60 x 1.12 inches
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ.  Max. Units
Power Supply - 15 34 36 VDC
Idle Power SD Floating - 3.9 7 W
Standby Power SD Connected to GND - 0.7 2 W
Maximum Current 200W @ 3Ohm - 6.5 - A
Efficiency 200W @ 3Ohm 85 - 93 %
Minimum Load Impedance - - 2 - Ω
Switching Frequency SD Floating -  660 - KHz
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Gain - - 26 - dB
Input Sensitivity(RMS) - - 1.3 1.8 V
Input Impedance - - 10 11
Output Power @3Ω THD+N 1% - 150 - W
@3Ω THD+N 10% - 200 - W
Bandwidth @ ±3dB @3Ω 20 - 20K    Hz
THD @3Ω, 1W, 1KHz - 0.0051 0.01 %
@3Ω, 100W, 1KHz - 0.069 0.1 %
Output Noise Level A-weighting, Input Connected to GND       - 129 300 µV
SNR 150W @3Ω THD+N 1% - 96 101 dB







23 Sep 2022

can use with 2 ohm load?

Hello, Apichat. Thank you for your interest in our products. Yes. This audio amplifier board can drive a 2Ohm load. The output power would be around 133W @ 36V, 2Ohm. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


28 May 2022

does this board require one of the cable kits

Hi, Preston. Thank you for your interest in our products. There is no need of cables kit to use with this amplifier boards as the cables it needs are commonly seen ones. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


04 Dec 2021

How many watts can I get from this amp using a 24v 9a power supply and a 4ohm subwoofer?

Hi, Katra. Thank you for your interest in our products. The output power is approximately 72W when driving a 4Ohm load with a 24V power supply, according to the formula P = U^2 / R. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


16 Nov 2021

Can a fan be connected? Do you sell right fan here in the store? What specs does the fan need to be? (Voltage and Amp)

Hi, Sebastiaan. Thank you for your interest in our products. Yes. You can connect a fan to this audio amplifier board. The specification of recommended fan is 12V 0.1A. We have such fans in stock. If you want to purchase fans please contact with store@sure-electronics.com for discussion. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


05 Feb 2021

Does this board automatically enables the amp when an input is detected, or is the circuit always on? How does this work? Thank you.

Hi, Matteo. Thank you for your interest in our products. Once this audio amplifier board is powered on, it will be always on, except that you short circuit "SHDN" and "GND" to shutdown it or power it off. Wish this could help you.


01 Dec 2020

Can i connect a speaker with 8 ohm load Without issues?

Hi, Marco. Thank you for your interest in our products. You can use this audio amplifier board to drive an 8Ohm speaker. Please note that the output power would be lower as 81W@8Ohm, 36V in this condition. Wish this could help you.

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