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CS5343 Analog to I2S Decode Board[746]

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AA-AB41161 is a high performance signal converter, capable of converting analog signal into I2S signal, which can be used with WONDOM 2 x 30W Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC- TAS5754 (AA-AB32256). Customers can use it for digital audio systems. It provides commonly used RCA connector and line input connector for analog audio input.

The power supply range is DC9-15V and it can be powered by WONDOM battery board.

Video for how to use this board to achieve I2S input of JAB3: link

  • Board TypeBoard
  • inputRCA, 3.5mm AUX,
  • outputI2S,
  • Control InterfaceHardware
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • Power Voltage9V-15V
  • Analog to I2S Decode Board
  • Supporting WONDOM battery board
  • RCA Input
  • Line Input
  • I2S Output
  • Supporting connection of WONDOM 2 x 30W Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC- TAS5754
 Paramater Condition Min.Typ. Max. 
 Supply Voltage9V 12V  15V
 Operating Temperature - 0℃ 20℃ 50℃
 Storage Temperature -20℃ 20℃ 105℃
 Thermal Shutdown - - 150℃ -



06 May 2023

Hello, I am trying to connect an AA-AB41133 to a JAB5 in slave mode via I2S. Other I2S devices are working properly as master. The AA-AB41133 just produces static. Please tell me how to resolve this. I have a video I would like to upload as well.

Hello. Please kindly use the PH-6Pos ribbon cable for the I2S signal connection. Here is a video for your reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAHUVEpnaHo Wish this could help you. Have a great day~


13 Feb 2023

Hi, like I have explained, I already have done all that but it is not working. Again, when I plug the spdif module through the J6 connector, it works but when I plug the rca module, no sound is coming out. It seems that something is not working in the same way with this ADC module. Why is there no switch to configure the bit numbers and frequency ? Regards,

Hi, Thierry. We have tried to use CS5343 decode board with JAB5 through I2S, it works. Could you please kindly send some videos or pictures to store@sure-electronics.com showing the connection and operation so that we can pinpoint the problem and solve it for you? We will reply to you as soon as we receive your email. Have a nice day~


10 Feb 2023

Hi, I still got a problem, when I use a AA-AB41133 with SPDIF input it's working without any problem but I can't get any sound from this module. Is there any configuration that I need to do to link it to a JAB5 amplifier board ? I have done what is explain in your video (but there is no explanation about this RCA to I2s module in this video), it works with the SPDIF module but not with this one. What can I do ?

Hello, Thierry. Please configure JAB5 as slave mode (SW1 --> S) to enable I2S input. Then, you can input analog signal to this CS5343 decode board through RCA jacks and deliver converted I2S signal to the I2S input connector (J6) on JAB5. If there is still problem, could you please kindly send some videos or pictures so that we can pinpoint the problem and solve it for you? Have a nice day~


06 Feb 2023

Hello, is it possible to connect this CS5343 ANALOG TO I2S DECODE BOARD to a JAB5 amplifier ? I suppose it is needed to put the JAB5 in Slave mode. Does this module need to be powered through the 9V - 12V plug if the module is connected to the JAB5 ? Is there anything to do with the program inside the JAB5 to make it work ? Thanks for the precisions.

Hello, Thierry. Thank you for your interest in our products. You can connect CS5343 decode board to JAB5. JAB5 needs to be set as slave mode, in which condition, I2S input is enabled and Bluetooth input is disabled. After connection, CS5343 decode board needs extra DC12V power. You don't need to modify the program of JAB5. Here is a video that may be helpful to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbV9aBjRXzE Have a nice day~


18 Nov 2021

Hello, if the input is an analog preamp, will the digital volume/level (dBFS) on the I2S output vary with the analog volume when I adjust it on the preamp? Or is the I2S output fixed? Thanks, Niklas

Hello, Niklas. Thank you for your interest in our products. The I2S output voltage level will change according to your pre-amp volume. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


04 Aug 2020

Hello, does the board comes with any cables? Can it be connected to the ADAU1701 board?

Hello, Claas. Thank you for your interest in our products. There is no standard cable with this board. As for the connection with ADAU1701 board, we have uploaded a video showing the steps and program configuration about how to achieve I2S input of JAB3. The link is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7huHn2JoGkA&t=7s Wish this could help you.

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