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WM8804 S/PDIF and IIS/I2S Audio Signal Transceiver [744]

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CS4334 IIS/I2S to Stereo Analog Audio Signal Transceiver




This is a product that can convert S/PDIF and I2S signal to each other. This product can convert the signal S/PDIF into I2S signal, or convert the signal I2S to S/PDIF signal. Signal conversion model can use the hardware setup, and you can also use the software setting. As for the hardware setup, please refer to the silkscreen on PCB.

I2S signals and S/PDIF cannot be used as the input or output at the same time . Please turn off the input power supply when you switch the conversion mode.

This WM8804 S/PDIF TOSLINK to IIS Converter has one LED indicator which shows the current operation status.And it can be used with WONDOM AA - AB41131 CS4334 IIS/I2S Decode Board with H/P Output.

  • Board TypeBoard
  • inputS/PDIF, I2S,
  • outputI2S, S/PDIF,
  • Control InterfaceHardware
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • Power Voltage9V-15V
  • A mature I2S & S/PDIF signal conversion equipment
  • LED status indicator
  • External power and signal output connector
  • Power supply anti-reverse protection
  • A gorgeous appearance WM8804 S/PDIF TOSLINK to IIS Converter Board
  • Excellent heat dissipation eliminates the requirement of an extra heat sink.
Supply Voltage-9V12V15V
Static working currentVIN=12V  10mA
Operating Temperature-0℃20℃50℃
Storage Temperature--20℃20℃105℃
Thermal Shutdown--150℃-



28 Jun 2022

Hi, I want to use ADAU1701 board to drive an active filter to feed some FDA amplifiers for a 3 way speaker. My goal is to make everything Digital to the input in spdif of my FDA amplifiers. What do I need to get 1 spdif input going through DSP ADAU1701 and going out to 3 differents spdif out to feed my 3 amplifiers ?

Hello, Thierry. Thank you for your interest in our products. We don't have products that can meet your requirements. But we can customize for you if you are interested. MOQ would be required. You can contact us by email for further discussion.


13 May 2022

I bought this board to use with a JAB5 but it did not come with a pin to pin converter as shown in this video on YouTube posted by Wondom; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAHUVEpnaHo How do I get this connector?

Hi, Frank. Please kindly note that the pin-to-pin converter is not included in the package. We can provide you with 2pcs pin-to-pin converters for free. Taking freight into consideration, maybe you can place another order, and we will add the pin-to-pin converters in the package. Please leave us a remark after your purchasing. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


08 May 2022

Hi, this is a very nice and extremely useful product. I got two, I am using the optical>i2s functionality to feed some avb modules with great success, plus solved some interconnection problems which troubled me here in my studio for long. However, I think that the gain levels are too high, to be honest marginally close to distortion. Is there any way to lower down the gain level at a somehow lower fixed rate? I guess someone will have to mess around with the firmware. I am not saying it is easy, but is this possible? Many thanks in advance

Hi, stamatis. Thank you for your kind feedback on our boards. Please note that, this WM8804 audio signal transceiver board only convert signal, it doesn't amplify the signal, which means it will output as much as the input, there is no gain control. The amplitude of signal is up to your input signal. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


27 Dec 2021

Hello, I have an I2S input from the "CS5343 ANALOG TO I2S" board and a second SPDIF input from a raspberry pi (using a Hifiberry Hat). Is is possible to use this transceiver as a switch and pass any of the two inputs to the output via I2S to a JAB5 Amp? Would it be possible to switch between the inputs via my own hardware/software (for example using a GPIO pin from a raspberry pi or an arduino etc...)? Thank you.

Hi, Patrick. Thank you for your interest in our products. This WM8804 signal transceiver board can convert S/PDIF to I2S and S/PDIF, or convert I2S to S/PDIF. However, it doesn't support convert I2S to I2S. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day.


10 Dec 2021

What are "+5V_IN" (on I2S input and output connectors) for?

Hi, Ihor. Thank you for your interest in our products. The "+5V_IN" is a position for 5V external power. If possible, it's suggested to power WM8804 signal transceiver board with a separate power supply. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


13 Oct 2021

Thank you. Now, I understand it better. This board converts S/PDIF to I2S . And I2S to S/PDIF. Is there anyway to use S/PDIF to I2S. And I2S to I2S?

Hi, Shay. This board can meet your requirement on converting S/PDIF to I2S. However, we don't have any product to convert I2S to I2S. Have a nice day~


07 Oct 2021

How can i2s input be activated? Output side has a switch.

Hi, Shay. To activate I2S input, you just need to plug in the connector and input I2S signal. Please note, I2S input signal can only be converted to S/PDIF output. You need to set the master or slave mode according to your device and set SW4 as AIF (I2S) TX Source. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~

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