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29 May 2019

What is the Bluetooth range? Will adding an enclosure affect the Bluetooth quality?

Usually, the declared Bluetooth range of WONDOM Bluetooth receiver board or Bluetooth amplifier is 10m. A metal enclosure will affect the Bluetooth range and quality then an external Bluetooth antenna will be required.

12 Jun 2018

What size power wire should be used when wiring amplifiers?

Use the following table to determine what size power wire you should use. Use the same thickness for the ground wire. Keep the ground wire length to 50cm or less. Any more could introduce noise in the system.

12 Jun 2018

How to choose a suitable power supply for my amplifier?

First, check the power voltage range of amplifier and make sure the output voltage of the power supply you choose is strictly under the territory and typical power voltage will be suggested. Then, check the total output power (here the total output power means the sum total of all channels). For most of audio application, only seconds of full power is required so usually we will suggest you to choose 2/3 of full power instead of full power for amplifiers. (For example, for a 2 x 500W amplifier, a 600W power supply is enough for audio application.)

12 Jun 2018

Can I run the speakers in series? How?

It is not suggested to run speakers in series. No two speakers will be exactly identical, even if they are the same model from the same manufacturer. This means that they will act slightly different from each other when presented with the same input signal. When wired in series, these differences will cause distortion in the form of back EMF. You can however run both coils of a DVC (Dual Voice Coil) speaker in series. The cone movement for both coils will be identical, and will not cause distortion problems.

12 Jun 2018

How to bridge an amplifier? Can WONDOM amplifiers be bridged?

First, make sure that the amplifier you have is bridgeable. If you try to bridge an amplifier that is not designed to be bridged, you will damage the amplifier. Basically, when you bridge an amp, you use the + terminal from one channel and the - terminal from the other. Most of WONDOM Amplifiers are already be bridged in production so they cannot be bridged by customers. Only IRS2092 series can be bridged by customers.

12 Jun 2018

What is the speaker Load? Can I run the speaker if it is not the typical load of amplifier?

This is the resistance (impedance) presented by the speakers that is seen by the amplifier. This can also include any crossovers and circuits connected to the speakers. When the load decreases, the amplifier’s output increases. There is less resistance to the current, and the speakers can draw more power from the amp. Drawing more power than the amplifier was designed for will damage the amp.

Every amplifier is designed to handle a certain load. For home amplifiers this number usually starts with 8 ohms while for car amplifiers, this number usually starts with 4 ohms. All amplifiers can handle a higher load, but they will produce less output. Most quality amplifiers can also handle a lower load. Most WONDOM amplifiers can handle a 2 ohm load and some can go as low as 1.5 ohm.

12 Jun 2018

What is the difference between Mute and Standby mode?

Different IC manufacturers have different definition for these two modes. Normally, Mute disables audio output while standby causes IC to go into low power mode. Here we list some popular modes to explain:

TPA3116/3118: Mute for fast disable of outputs while SDZ to make amplifier to enter a low-current state.

TDA7492/TDA7498: all circuits are turned off in standby mode while inputs are connected to ground and the positive and negative PWM outputs are at 50% duty cycle in Mute mode

516BE(T -AMP):

12 Jun 2018

What is the difference between Peak Watts and RMS Watts? Which one is used to declare WONDOM Amplifiers?

RMS Wattage is a measurement of power capacity used for comparing and matching components together. Peak Wattage, often double the RMS value, is a description used by the marketing department of the amp’s manufacturer to sell more amplifiers. You should only use RMS ratings when comparing and matching gear. All WONDOM amplifiers are declared as the RMS watts.


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