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1S 26650 Lithium Battery Charging and Protection Board w 5V Boost Circuit-BCPB0[708]

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BCPB0 is a highly efficient and highly reliable lithium battery charging and protection board with 5V boost circuit integrated. It is designed for 1piece 26650 Lithium Battery and can be used as a power bank for Mobile Phones and Raspberry Pi. Its palm size makes it suitable for portable DIY applications. With 5V boost circuit employed, when using BCPB0 to power Mobile Phones, the 5V USB discharge port can provide maximum current as 2A. Raspberry Pi can be easily and conveniently installed on BCPB0 through the pre-mounted standoffs and be powered by the direct contact of pogo pin on BCPB0 and POS4, 6 of 40 pin connectors of Raspberry Pi, without any occupation of 40 GPIO pin headers. Battery Level Indicators are equipped for visualized display.

BCPB0 is equipped with full protection circuit, such as overcurrent, over-temperature, short circuit and over/under voltage protection,

ensuring the reliability

Video for demonstration of modified BCPB charging Lead-acid battery: link

  • TypeBattery Charger
  • StyleModule & Board
  • Output ChannelSingle
  • 5V USB Discharge Port
  • Specially Designed for Powering Raspberry Pi
  • Power Raspberry Pi through Pin Touch
  • DC UPS
  • LED Indicators for Battery Level
  • Full Protection Circuit
  • Charge and Discharge Synchronization
Specifications typical @ +25℃, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Supply Voltage-4.7555.25VDC
Maximum discharge current--2-A
Typical charge current-11.52A
Battery Capacity-Refer to Battery Parameters
Overcharge detection voltage--4.235-V
Overcharge release voltage--4.18-V
Over-discharge detection voltage--2.8-V
Over-discharge release voltage--3.0-V
Operating Temperature--2050



10 Feb 2021

Is there a trick to getting it to power with a battery when mounted on a raspberry pi zero? I couldnt get it to power on either of my units which makes me think i made a mistake.

Hi, alex. Please install the Raspberry Pi on the BCPB1 through the standoffs and make sure the pogo pin on the BCPB1 contact with the POS4, 6 of 40 pin connectors of Raspberry Pi. In addition, if you install the battery for the first time or you re-install the battery into the holder, you need to connect BCPB1 with a power supply to activate it. Wish this could help you.


15 Dec 2020

can you extend the on off switch by soldering another one on or could you leave it on at all times, but have a SPST switch between this board and the unit being powered?

Hi, alex. Thank you for your kind suggestion and feedback, We have upgraded 1S 26650 Lithium battery charging board and have made improvements on ON/OFF function. The new version would be released very soon. Please stay tuned.

chi shing.leung

23 Aug 2020

can it be used with lifepo4 battery?

Hi, chi shing. Thank you for your interest in our products. Please kindly be noted that BCPB1 can only be used with 26650 Lithium battery. Wish this could help you.


03 Aug 2020

Is there a difference in the current output of the raspberry pi header and the drain port? Also is it possible to run the drain port in parallel for an amperage boost?

Hi, Kevin. Thank you for your interest in our products. The current of all the discharging ports is the same. The only difference is the terminal blocks used. It is forbidden to run the ports in parallel. Wish this could help you.


30 Dec 2019

Hi, can it be used with a JAB3 board ? In that case, what will be the maixum power available ? Thanks, yohann

Hi, yohann. Thank you for your interest in our products. The power supply range of JAB3 is DC12-26V. The output voltage of BCPB1 is DC5V. Therefore, JAB3 cannot be powered by BCPB1. We recommend you with BCPB2 (3S 18650 LITHIUM BATTERY CHARGER AND BALANCE PROTECTION BOARD - BCPB2) or BCPB4 (5S 26650 LITHIUM BATTERY CHARGING, BALANCE AND PROTECTION BOARD-BCPB4). Here are the links for your reference: http://store.sure-electronics.com/product/PS-BC12111 http://store.sure-electronics.com/product/PS-BC12113 Wish this could help you.

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