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300-3000mA Black Regulator LED Driver for 1-100W High Power LED[146]

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Welcome to use LED driver series by Sure Electronics. This product is constant current and step-down DC/DC converter. Featuring under voltage lock out (UVLO), over temperature protection, LED open-circuited protection and LED short-circuited protection.

This driver features small size, high efficiency, stability, long service time and easy installation. LED dimming can be controlled via an extra pulse width modulation (PWM) through EN pin.

  • TypeLED Driver
  • StyleLED Driver
  • Output ChannelSingle
  • Minimized size, high efficiency
  • Constant current output, stable LED lighting
  • Input voltage: 10V-45V
  • Full protection: Thermal/UVLO(Under Voltage Lock Out)/Start-Up/LED Open-/Short- Circuit
  • Easy installation and long service life
  • Under voltage protection voltage:9.6V
  • 10,000:1 PWM Dimming Range
  • 250:1 Analog Dimming Range
  • Built-in soft-start function
The typical parameters are listed in the table below.Tested @ Vin=24V, 4 Luxeon White LEDs connected in series, tem 18℃ (unless noted otherwise)
ParametersTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Supply Voltage-10-45V
Supply Current (no load)Vin=10V~60V-25mA
Output CurrentIout1503000mA
EfficiencyVin=24V, 4LEDs ,-96-%
Input Voltage*(EN)High Potential-3.5-VinV
Low Potential---0.5V
Minimum Turn-on Time*-110150ns
Minimum Closing Time*-110150ns
Over Temperature Protection*-145165175
Over Temperature Protection Hysteretic State*-202540
Note:  * from Data Sheet of LM3409 chip. Please refer to the relevant documents for the details.


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