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600mA Boost Regulator LED Driver Board for 20W High Power LED[563]

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Welcome to use LED driver series by Sure Electronics. This product integrates constant current and BOOST DC/DC converter. This driver features small size, high efficiency, stability, long service time and easy installation. LED dimming can be controlled via an extra pulse width modulation (PWM) through EN pin.

  • Minimized size, high efficiency
  • Constant current output, stable LED lighting
  • Input voltage: 9V-32V
  • Easy installation and long service life
The typical parameters are listed in the table below.Tested @ Vin=12V, 10 Luxeon White LEDs connected in series, temp 18℃ (unless noted otherwise) 
ParametersTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Supply Voltage-9-40V
Supply Current (no load)Vin=9V~32V-25mA
Output CurrentIout 600 mA
EfficiencyVin=12V, 10LEDs ,-92-%
Input Voltage*(EN)High Potential-3.5-VinV
Low Potential--0.5-0.5V
Over Temperature Protection*-145165175
Over Temperature Protection Hysteretic State*-202540
Note:  * from Data Sheet of the chip. Please refer to the relevant documents for the details.


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