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High Power 5W 1A LED DC Driver[435]

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New LED driver series are being released now. As the fourth member of the new series, this 5W LED driver is simplified item which can be used directly to drive LEDs without requirement for extra converters. All components required are soldered on a minimized PCB, providing a cost-effective solution. Two location holes added make the installation easier. This driver integrates an MBI6651chip (TO252 packaging) as the step-down DC-DC converter. It is a high efficient chip which is designed to deliver constant current to light up high power LED. Features of MBI6651 help make its applications safer, such as UVLO (under voltage lock out), over temperature protection, LED open-circuited protection and LED short-circuited protection. Moreover, thermal protection (TP) function has been introduced to protect IC from overheating (165°C) in various applications.

Net Weight:20g/0.71oz

  • TypeLED Driver
  • StyleLED Driver
  • Output ChannelSingle
  • Size: 45.80(L) × 25.50(W) × 17.80(H) ±0.2mm
  • Input voltage: 9V to 35V
  • 92% efficiency @ input voltage 24V, 6 LEDs
  • Typical 1000mA output
  • PWM frequency: 100HZ to 1KHZ
  • Step-down DC/DC
  • Constant current output
  • TO252 packaging of MBI6651 helps heat dissipation
  • Untested under conditions of more than 6 LEDs
  • Allows users to control the dimming via an external PWM
  • Easy installation and long service life


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