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2 x 50 Watt AA-JA32171 Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth V5.0 & DSP - JAB2V2[753]

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2pcs 140x103x49mm Waterproof DIY Cabinet WDC140 Case For JAB1/ JAB2 / JAB3+



Bluetooth Pairing Name Programming (store@sure-electronics.com)



L-style Aluminum Bracket (JAB accessories)



Cables Package for JAB (JAB accessories)



3S18650 Lithium Battery Balance and Protection Extension Board (JAB accessories)



Interface Extension Board with USB Charge Only (JAB accessories)




JAB2V2 is audio amplifier board integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 (supporting aptX HD) and DSP, offering a real all-in-one audio solution for customers. JAB2V2 covers 2 x 50W, 2 x 30W, 1 x 60W and 1 x 100W four models. Thanks to the equipped DSP chip, JAB2V2 supports PC UI control after connection with WONDOM ICP5 or higher version(s), through which, you can adjust volume, gain, frequency and EQ setting to customize your own audio. In addition to speaker output, JAB2V2 offers an extra mixed signal output, which can be input to other audio amplifier board to build audio 2.1 / 4.0 system. Customers can configure it into a subwoofer signal by frequency adjustment in PC UI. Besides power supply, JAB2V2 supports battery power, which greatly improves the portability. Wireless audio input, battery power, light weight and high quality audio performance make JAB2V2 perfectly suitable for portable Bluetooth speakers, home audio, garden audio and DIY applications. A DC10.8V-24V power supply is required.

PC UI for JAB2v2: video link

Integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 module

JAB2V2 employs Bluetooth 5.0 module for audio input, which supports various audio formats as aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, SBC & AAC and high receive sensitivity with RF power up to 9dBm and -90dBm. There is a built-in antenna equipped on this board. So you can directly pair JAB2V2 with the device to play music. An external antenna port is also provided on the board to ensure the stable connection and high audio performance in such applications that JAB2V2 is installed into a speaker or a cabinet.

Supporting Line Input

In addition to Bluetooth input, JAB2V2 supports 3.5mm line input. Signals from the two input methods will be mixed before being transmitted to the amplification circuit. You can get the 3.5mm AUX-IN cable in the Functional cables kit (AA-JA11114 / AA-JA11116).

Integrated with DSP, Supporting PC UI

Taking customers’ reviews and feedbacks into account, we integrate DSP chip on JAB2V2. Programming port is provided on JAB2V2. After connection with WONDOM ICP5 or higher versions, you can get PC UI control function. Sure Electronics has developed a PC UI, with which, you can try with gain, high/low-pass filter, noise suppressor, bass, frequency shifter and many other effects. ICP5 is under test now and will be released soon.

Supporting Battery Power

Beside power supply, JAB2V2 supports battery power. What’s more, JAB2V2 is equipped with MPPT charging circuit. So you can use 3S Lithium battery board (AA-JA11113) to power JAB2V2. When you want to charge batteries, connect the battery board (AA-JA11113) with JAB2V2 and connect a power supply with JAB2V2 at the same time. It is suggested to use a power supply whose output voltage is within DC15-24V and current is higher than 1A to charge batteries.

Mixed Line Output Signal, Supporting configuration as subwoofer

JAB2V2 provides a mixed line output signal, which can be transmitted to other WONDOM audio amplifiers to build an audio 2.1 / 4.0 system. Please note that it’s audio signal, so an amplifier board is required for connecting with a speaker. It is suggested to connect JAB2V2 with JAB3 to build audio 2.1 / 4.0 system. In this condition, it is recommended to use DSP of JAB3 for system control.

Easy for Integration

Bluetooth pairing cancellation function is integrated on JAB2V2. You can disconnect with Bluetooth by one simple press, without worry about which Bluetooth is paired. Shutdown function is also available on JAB2V2. Once you shutdown JAB2V2, JAB2V2 will power off. Ports for External LED indicators are offered to show the status of Bluetooth, power and charging, so you can have an overview of the running condition of JAB2V2.

Optional Accessories

We provide optional accessories for customers’ simple operation. With 3.6’’ x 2.7’’ L-style bracket (AA-JA11115), you can immobilize JAB2V2 in connection and installation stage. You can connect JAB2V2 with the Interface extension board (AA-JA11112) to get a 3.5mm line input port, 2 USB discharging ports with 2.1A maximum current per port, a power switch and indicators for power and mute. Functional cables kit (AA-JA11114) offers all the cables you need for better use of JAB2V2.

Package Includes

1pc AA-JA32171

1pc Power supply cable

1pc Speaker cable

Introduction Video for JAB2V2: video link

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)2
  • Output Power50
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • ChipsetTPA31xx
  • Heat DissipationHeat Sink
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load ModeYES
  • inputBluetooth, Single ended Line-in,
  • Power Voltage11V-24V
  • 3.6 x 2.7 Inches PCB Size
  • Bluetooth V5.0 apt-X HD
  • High Receive Sensitivity with RF power up to 9dBm and -90dBm
  • Supporting Various Audio Decode Formats as APTX, APTX HD, APTX-LL, SBC & AAC
  • Lithium Battery Board Supported
  • Bluetooth Pairing Cancellation
  • Integrated with DSP
  • Supporting PC UI Control
  • Mixed Mono Output Provided for Cascading with Other Amplifier Boards
  • Volume Control Port (Potentiometer)
Specifications typical @ +20℃, Powered by 21V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ.  Max. Units
Power Supply Range - 10.8 21 24 VDC
Idle Power/Current @24V, No audio input - 62.7 80 mA
Standby Power/Current @24V, SD short to GND, only when low power module available - 2.3 5 mA
Battery Undervoltage Protection* - - 10.4 10.5 V
Constant Charging Voltage - - 12.3 12.5 V
Charge Current - - 0.5 0.9 A
*Battery Undervoltage Protection point is preset to 10.4V in order to protect Lithium-Ion battery, LiFePo4 battery is strictly prohibited and not supported by default. For any change to this battery protection setting, an MOQ of 500pcs will be applied. It is suggested to use power supply whose output voltage is within DC15V-24V and output current is higher than 1A to charge batteries with AA-JA11113.
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Gain -     28 30 32 dB
Output Power 21V @ 4Ω 2 x 50    W
THD @ 4Ω,10W, 1kHz - 0.06 - %
Output Noise Level A-weighting,Input Connected to GND       - 134.5 - µV
SNR 10W @ 4Ω, THD+N=1% - 97.3 - dB







13 Nov 2021

Hello, I have several questions for related to this product: 1) Is it possible to set the board as MONO so each channel will serve for different driver types (tweeter and sub)? 2) if so, is it possible to set EQs for each channel separately? 3) is it possible to connect 2 boards through bluetooth to make them cooperate in stereo? One board playing LEFT and the second one playing RIGHT Thank you

Hello, Jan. Thank you for your interest in our products. 1) JAB2v2 cannot achieve the function you mentioned. Products with ADAU1701 DSP can realize two-way crossover through programming in SigmaStudio. They can set EQs for separate channel as well. 2) For now, our Bluetooth products do not support TWS function. We are working hard to develop it. Please stay tuned. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


16 Aug 2021

2 X 50 WATT AA-JA32171 CLASS D AUDIO AMPLIFIER BOARD WITH BLUETOOTH V5.0 & DSP - JAB2V2[753] Hi, Could you explain about 'Mix audio output - J25'? Is this amplified audio signal or bypassed audio signal (non amplfiied)? If it is amplified audio signal (maybe it is mono audio signal), I think I can use it as mono bluetooth speaker. Thank you.

Hi, jaebeom. Thank you for your interest in our products. The mixed audio output is non-amplified audio signal, which needs to be transmitted to an audio amplifier board for amplification. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day.


14 Jul 2021

Hi. I added a toggle switch to the board at J5 . When I switch it off the board running on battery power the power light gets dim but stays on is it still draining the battery? With it plugged into ac adapter the on off switch does not work at all. Is there a way to shut off the board with it plugged in?

Hi, Theerapong. We have made test and it turned out that when J5 is short circuit, the power LED would be off. That means, JAB2v2 will enter into shutdown mode. Please kindly check if the power LED is inserted in the right position (PIN 3,4 of J6). If possible, please send us some pictures or videos showing the problems to store@sure-elecronics.com, so that we can solve it for you. We will reply to you as soon as we receive your email.


15 Jun 2021

What is the difference between the JAB2V2[753] and the JAB3+[754]? Why is the JAB3+ more expensive?

Hi, Jonah. Thank you for your interest in our products. The difference between JAB2v2 and JAB3+ is the employed DSP. JAB3+ is integrated with ADAU1701, after connection with ICP programmer, it can supports SigmaStudio programming and PC UI contorl. JAB2v2 is integrated with a normal DSP, which can not support SigmaStudio programming. After connection with ICP5, it supports PC UI control. Wish this could help you.


18 May 2021

Hi, when will ICP5 be available, thanks.

Hi, Clement. Thank you for your interest in our products. Due to the shortage of chip and resulted long lead time, the release of ICP5 has been delayed. We are trying our best to release it ASAP.


13 Apr 2021

Your product descriptions are very confusing. I want to set up a 2.1 system with this board. What other amp board should I use for the sub? I also want to use an icp board? I am very confused on which boards are compatible with your other products.

Hi, Jose. Thank you for your kind feedback. It is suggested to connect JAB2v2 with JAB3 to build audio 2.1 / 4.0 system. In this condition, it is recommended to use DSP of JAB3 for system control. If you want remote control, an ICP3 would be required. We will improve the product description soon.

Andres .De Freitas

04 Apr 2021

Good nights. Is it possible to change the name of the connection of the bluetooth module of the amplifier? I am very interested in this. Stay tuned to your comments.

Hi, Andres. Yes. The name of the Bluetooth module can be changed to your requirements. You can buy the service called "Bluetooth Pairing Name Programming" and then send the name you want to store@sure-electronics.com. We will change the name for you before shipment. Wish this could help you.


16 Mar 2021

Hello, Can I programm the right and left channel individually? For example to build a 2 way speaker (one channel for tweeter and other one for woofer) using a crossover in the Miumax app (hi pass and low pass filter) ? I have already asked this for model JAB3 but i would like to know if it is possible in this model as well?

Hi, Diogo. Thank you for your interest in our products. The right channel and left channel of JAB2v2 can not be programmed individually. All products integrated with ADAU1701 DSP can support the function you mentioned through programming. Wish this could help you.


23 Feb 2021

Bonjour, i bought the JAB2V2 bluetooth 5.0 amplifier board from Aliexpress and on the heatsink there is no your wondom logo...is it a counterfeit ? Thanks for your attention

Hi, Georges. It is our products. JB2v2 in this batch doesn't have the WONDOM logo on the heatsink. We will add the logo in the future batches.


22 Feb 2021

Hi, do you have more info on the release date for the ICP5 ? Thx

Hi, Théo. Thank you for your interest in our products. ICP5 is under test now and is planned to be released by the end of April. Please stay tuned. Wish this could help you.


20 Jan 2021

Hello again! Thank you for your reply on my previous questions. Can you please also reply to the below: 1.When will the PC App be released? Also, will it cost extra to install and use it? 2.When will the new ICP5 be released, to be able to program the board? 3. Will I be able to use the current ICP3 with the new JAB3+ boards at least? Thank you in advance.

Hello, Cernat. It's my pleasure to help you. 1. We are planning to release ICP5 by the end of February. The corresponding PC UI will be released one by one and there is no extra charge for installing and using PC UI. 2. With current ICP3 connected, you can program JAB3+ with SigmaStudio or remote control JAB3+ through APP. Wish this could help you.


29 Dec 2020

Hello This looks to be like a great improvement over the old jab2 and jab3 Amps. I do have a couple of questions before purchasing, though. 1.How to connect the board to icp3? The cable is 6 pin and the connector on the board is 4pin. 2. Does this support Sigmastudio? If so, should ADAU1701 be selected? Thank you!

Hi, Cernat. Thank you for your interest in our product. 1. JAB2v2 supports PC UI control after connection with the new version ICP3 or higher version(s). We are working on the new version ICP3 now, which will have both 4-pin connector and 6-pin connector. The new ICP3 provides various functions as programming with SigmaStudio, APP control and PC UI control (As to which function is supported, it's up to the target products).It will be released very soon. 2. JAB2v2 do not support programming with SigmaStudio. If you want audio amplifier board integrated with both ADAU1701 DSP and Bluetooth 5.0 module, you may be interested in JAB3+. http://store.sure-electronics.com/product/AA-JA32173 Wish this could help you.

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