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2 x 15Watt Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth V5.0 - JAB1v2[752]

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2pcs 140x103x49mm Waterproof DIY Cabinet WDC140 Case For JAB1/ JAB2 / JAB3+



L-style Aluminum Bracket (JAB accessories)



Cables Package for JAB (JAB accessories)



3S18650 Lithium Battery Balance and Protection Extension Board (JAB accessories)




JAB1 is a stereo audio amplifier board integrated with Bluetooth 5.0, delivering 15W output power per channel into an 8Ohm load. JAB1 offers a high efficiency wireless solution for customers, suitable for portable speakers, Bluetooth speakers, home audio, DIY audio, etc. Its excellent self-dissipation eliminates the need for an external heatsink. Compact size and light weight make JAB1 applicable to almost any audio projects. A DC12V-24V power supply is required.

Integrated with Bluetooth 5.0

JAB1 is integrated with high performance Bluetooth 5.0 module, which means you can connect JAB1 with any portable devices or PC to easily access streaming audio via Bluetooth paring. In addition, the module supports changing Bluetooth name, so you can customize your name of JAB1. There is a built-in Bluetooth antenna equipped on the board for stable connection. So you can directly pair JAB1 with the Bluetooth for audio playback. An external antenna port is also provided for such applications that JAB1 needs to be integrated into a cabinet.

Supporting Line Input

Beside Bluetooth input, JAB1 also supports 3.5mm AUX IN. But the two input methods cannot be used at the same time. Based on the insertion detection circuit, once the 3.5mm AUX IN cable is inserted, the input method will switch from Bluetooth to line input.

High Quality Audio Performance

Thanks to dedicated PCB layout design and engineers’ attentive debugging, this JAB1 audio amplifier board features high audio performance, whose THD+N performs well as 0.03% @ 8Ohm, 10W, 1kHz.

Multiple Power Path

A DC12V-24V power supply with output current higher than 1A is required to power JAB1.

In addition to power supply, JAB1 also supports battery power, which greatly improve the portability and flexibility of audio systems. MPPT circuit is equipped in JAB1, so it can recharge the batteries with a power supply connected.

It is recommended to use WONDOM Battey charging and protection board (JAB - BE) designed for 3pcs 18650 Lithium-ion batteries in series as it’s equipped with full protection circuit for operation safety. A 15V-24V, 1A-5A power supply would be required for the purpose to fully charge the batteries.

If you use rechargeable lead acid batteries, a 15V-24V, 1A power supply is needed.

You could also use solar panels for their applications. Just remember to use solar batteries with float (open) voltage with 16.5V-21.5V, and use 20-100W panels for this application.

8 AA (Alkaline) Batteries in series will be 12V to power the amplifier. Please note that AA batteries couldn’t be connected with charging port unless MPPT module is removed.

Easy for Installation

Four screw holes provided make this Bluetooth amplifier board easy for installation and quick for integration in any cabinet. We provide a Functional cables kit (JAB - FC) for your convenient operations. Furthermore, a 3.6’’ x 2.7’’ L-style aluminum bracket (JAB - LAB) is available to fix the Bluetooth amp in wiring process and to install the board to cabinets.

Package Include

1pc AA-JA32151, JAB1

1pc Power supply cable

1pc Speaker cable

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)2
  • Output Power15
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • ChipsetTPA31xx
  • Heat DissipationNo Heat Sink & FAN
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load ModeYES
  • inputBluetooth, Single ended Line-in,
  • Power Voltage12V-24V
  • 3.6 x 2.7 Inches PCB Size
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Power Management
  • Lithium Battery Board Supported
  • Higher Output Power with Power Adapter
  • PBTL Configurable
  • LED Indicators Ports (Power, Battery Charging& Bluetooth)
  • 3.5mm AUX IN Port
  • Volume Control Port (Potentiometer)
  • Power Switch Port
Specifications typical @ +20℃, powered by 19V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ.  Max. Units
Power Supply Range - 12 19 24 VDC
Idle Power/Current SD short to GND, BT Disconnected - 81.4 91.6 mA
BT Connected - 82.7 92.5 mA
Standby Power/Current SD short to GND, only when low power module available - 12.3 12.6 mA
Battery Undervoltage Protection* - - 10.4 10.5 V
Constant Charging Voltage - - 12.3 12.5 V
Charge Current - - 0.5 0.9 A
Specifications typical @ +20℃, powered by 19V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Gain -     22 24 26 dB
Output Power 19V @ 8Ω 2 x 15    W
THD Bluetooth, 19V @ 8Ω,10W, 1KHz - 0.03 - %
Output Noise Level 3.5mm Linje input A-weighting, Input Connected to GND       - 352.0 - µV
Bluetooth input - 87.0 -
SNR 3.5mm Line input 19V, 10W @ 8Ω, THD+N=1% - 90.0 - dB
Bluetooth input   99.1  







11 Dec 2022

Hi. Is there any 'easy' way to create a switchable AUX/Bluetooth input for this board? Thanks, Simon

Hi, Simon. Thank you for your interest in our products. JAB1v2 is equipped with cable insertion auto identification system. You can keep the PH-5Pos to 3.5mm AUX IN port cable plugged in corresponding position. When you want line input, you can plug in 3.5mm input cable to feed signal. When you want Bluetooth input, unplug the 3.5mm input cable and pair with your device. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


06 Dec 2021

Can you recommend a power supply

Hi, Ryan. Thank you for your interest in our products. The recommended power adapter for JAB1v2 is HUNTKEY HKA03619021-8C 19V 2.1A 40W AC/DC POWER ADAPTER. You can refer to this link. https://store.sure-electronics.com/product/PS-SP11504 Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


29 Jul 2021

Good day. Features list for JAB1v2 says PBTL configuration is possible. But I do not see details for wiring. Interested in using this as mono 30W amp. Thank you

Hi, Alex. Thank you for your interest in our products. It takes many efforts to configure JAB1 as PBTL mode. Therefore, you cannot do it yourself. We can help you do the configuration before shipment. MOQ100pcs would be required. Wish this could help you. Have a lovely day.

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