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Functional Cables Kit for JAB3+ / JAB4 / JAB5[755]

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JAB5 4 x 100 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board w ADAU1701 DSP & Bluetooth Ver5.0 for Audio 4.0/2.1/2.0 System



2 x 50 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board w ADAU1701 DSP & BT 5.0 - JAB3+




To help customers with convenient operation and easy integration, Sure Electronics has released a Functional cables kit, which is for matched use with JAB3+, JAB4 and JAB5. It contains all the cables (13pcs) you will need to give full play to their functions. Please note that there may be few extra cables in this kit when used with specific amplifier boards since this is a general cables kit. You can see the detailed information in the description. Please do not place an order if you mind.

1pc Bluetooth antenna

An external Bluetooth antenna is provided to ensure stable connection and audio transmission for such applications where the amplifier boards needs to be installed in a cabinet or a speaker.

1pc 3.5mm line input cable

3.5mm line input cable along with the terminal interface is offered for customers who want analog input as well.

1pc PH-6pin cable (Pin-to-pin)

This PH-6pin cable is used for signal transmission with other audio amplifiers through the PH-6pos-2mm interfaces on the boards.

1pc PH-4pin cable (Pin-to-pin)

This PH-4pin cable is used for battery power.

1pc PH-3pin cable (Pin-to-pin)

This PH-4pin cable is used for control synchronization to keep the control logic of two cascading boards is consistent, so that the built audio systems can provide high performance audio.

1pc Bluetooth pairing cancellation cable

This cable is used to cancel Bluetooth pairing. You just need to short press the button to cancel the pairing.

1pc Signal detection LED indicator

For amplifier boards which employs signal level sensor system, a signal detection LED indicator is essential to show what is going on with the system. When there is signal detected, the indicator will be ON; when there is no signal detected, the indicator will be OFF.

1pc Bluetooth LED indicator

Bluetooth LED indicator is provided to indicate Bluetooth status. When Bluetooth is paired, the indicator will be ON; when Bluetooth is not connected, the indicator will BLINK.

4pcs External potentiometer cables

4pcs cables along with four potentiometers are included in the cables kit. After connection with the potentiometers, you can adjust the gain and frequency of the audio systems.

1pc PH-2pin cable (Tinned cable)

This PH-2pin cable has a PH-2pin interface at one end and tinned cables at the other. It is for standby control of the audio amplifier. Short circuit it to enter into standby mode.

  • inputALL,
  • Easy for integration
  • 1pc Bluetooth antenna, 10cm / 3.94‘’
  • 1pc 3.5mm line input cable, 50cm / 19.69''
  • 1pc PH-6pin cable (Pin-to-pin), Audio Connection Cable, 20cm / 7.87''
  • 1pc PH-4pin cable (Pin-to-pin), Battery Power Cable, 20cm / 7.87''
  • 1pc PH-3pin cable (Pin-to-pin), Control Synchronization Cable, 20cm / 7.87''
  • 1pc Bluetooth pairing cancellation cable, 50cm / 19.69''
  • 1pc Signal detection LED indicator, 50cm / 19.69''
  • 1pc Bluetooth LED indicator, 50cm / 19.69''
  • 4pcs External potentiometer cables, 20cm / 7.87''
  • 1pc PH-2pin cable (Tinned cable), 50cm / 19.69''



28 Aug 2021

in reply to my previous question, the HUM is there as soon as i connect your 3.5mm aux to PCB header cable with NO 3.5mm to 3.5mm aux cable connected. I understand that a aux cable with no termination will cause the hum but your cable supplied with the kit should not. Is it possible it w wired wrong? I notice there are 4 wires andhead only 3 pins on the PCB header show there is signal on them.

Hi, Peter. Please keep the cables as organized as possible to avoid interference. If there is still noise, please send some pictures or videos to store@sure-electronics.com so that we can find the problem and solve it for you. Have a nice day~


28 Aug 2021

I hooked it up this kit to my Jab3+ but i am getting a loud hum from the aux cable (ground loop kind of hum) when nothing is connected. The HUM happens when nothing is connected to aux input and gets louder and when i increase the volume. The hum goes away if i disconnect the Aux cable from the board. The hum goes away if i plug my phone into the aux cable jack. DO you have any suggestions?

Hello, Peter. When you keep one side of 3.5mm AUX in cable inserted in the 3.5mm jack while another side hang in the air, there would be noise. Please remove the 3.5mm AUX in cable from the 3.5mm jack when you don't use it as shown in the attached picture. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


13 Aug 2021

If we wanted to use our own potentiometer what value should we use and should they be linear or log tapers?

Hello, Peter. If you want to use potentiometers with JAB3+ / JAB4 / JAB5, the value is suggested to be within 1-10k. They should be linear because it's already logarithmic attenuation inside DSP. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


11 Aug 2021

Are the potentiometers in the cable kit standard 6mm shaft? Do you know the length of the shaft?

Hello, Peter. Yes, the potentiometers in the cable kit are 6mm shaft. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


11 Aug 2021

Does the bluetooth implementation auto connect. For example if I connect my phone to the bluetooth, turn the amp off and then on again will my phone reconnect automatically. If i leave the amp on but repower my phone will it reconnect?

Hello, Peter. Yes. The Bluetooth features automatic connection after re-start. Bluetooth will try to connect last matched device in 30s after re-power. Please make sure the phone is within the receiving range of amplifier Bluetooth. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


24 Dec 2020

Where can i find models JAB 4 and JAB 5 ?

Hi, Marco. Thank you for your interest in our products. JAB4 and JAB5 are the new products which are under testing now. JAB4 is a 4 x 30W / 50W audio amplifier integrated with both ADAU1701 DSP and Bluetooth 5.0, which can be configured as 2.1 mode and 2.0 mode. JAB5 is a 4 x 100W amplifier board integrated with both ADAU1701 DSP and Bluetooth 5.0 too, which can be configured as 2.1 mode and 2.0 mode as well. In addition, JAB5 can connect with another JAB5 to build audio 8.0 or other systems according to your requirements. They will be released in the near future. Please kindly stay tuned.

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