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CS4334 IIS/I2S to Stereo Analog Audio Signal Transceiver [745]

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WM8804 S/PDIF and IIS/I2S Audio Signal Transceiver




Welcome to use WONDOM self-made CS4334 IIS/I2S Decode Board with H/P Output. It converts I2S signal into analog signal. And it can be connected with I2S and adjust any sampling rate between 2kHz and 100kHz. The output interface can be connected to headphone or power amplifier which could be used as audio input.

  • Board TypeBoard
  • inputI2S,
  • outputRCA, 3.5mm AUX,
  • Control InterfaceHardware
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • Power Voltage9V-15V
  • A mature stereo D/A conversion equipment
  • LED status indicator
  • External power and signal output connector
  • Power supply anti-reverse protection
  • The board has gorgeous appearance.
  • Several wiring methods facilitate connection:3.5mm Socket (Default), RCA Socket (Optional)
  • Excellent heat dissipation eliminates the requirement of an extra heat sink.
  • 96dB dynamic range
  • Shockproof technology
Supply Voltage-9V12V15V
Static working currentVIN=12V  10mA
Operating Temperature-0℃20℃50℃
Storage Temperature--20℃20℃105℃
Thermal Shutdown--150℃-



20 Oct 2021

I'm trying to use this from I2S output from JAB5. I've tested almost all different I2S master settings in the JAB5 software, but nothing works. Please advice how to get this to work.

Hi, Fredrik. This board convert I2S signal to analog signal. Since you want I2S output from JAB5, JAB5 needs to be set as master mode. Then please make sure JAB5 is written with the default program. You can use the PH-6Pos ribbon cable for I2S connection and keep the cables as organized as possible. If there is still problem, please kindly provide us with some pictures or videos so that we can pinpoint the reason and solve it for you. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~


08 Oct 2021

Does it require both 12V VCC and 5V from the I2S pins to work?

Hi, Simon. Thank you for your interest in our products. DC 12V power supply is essential and 5V is optional. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~

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