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6S 21700 5-24V Input Lithium Battery Charging and Protection Board Designed for 24V Vehicle Battery System - BCPB6[793]

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Functional Cables Kit For BCPB3/BCPB4




BCPB6 is a highly reliable Lithium-Ion Battery Charging, Protection, and Balancing Board that operates with wide input range, 5- 24V. This board is able to charge the batteries from input voltages above, below, or equal to the output voltages. It is designed for 6 in series 21700 Lithium-Ion Battery which provides approximately 88-100Wh energy. The MPPT charging integrated feature supports an 18.3-24V power supply. BCPB6 is complemented with a visualized display of battery level indicators. To ensure the reliability of this board, it is equipped with full protection circuit; overcurrent, over-temperature, short circuit, and over/under voltage protection. The battery balancing IC allows constant battery voltage between 6 in series 21700 Lithium-Ion cells. It is designed for industrial application with verified MTBF for low-temperature increment under rigorous design.

Wide Input Range as DC5-24V, Supporting MPPT Solar Charging

BCPB6 supports extremely wide supply voltage range as DC5V-24V, which means most power supply can be used to charge the batteries through BCPB6. In addition, BCPB6 is integrated MPPT charging circuit, therefore, it supports solar charging. The supported voltage range is 18.3-24V.

Multiple Discharging Ports for Multiple Devices

BCPB6 provides multiple discharging ports with different terminal interfaces for customers’ convenient system integration. All the discharging ports are connected in parallel, so the functions are the same. You can use BCPB6 to power several devices at the same time.

Indicators for Board Running Situation

For customers’ better and more instinct understanding of the running situation of BCPB6, we provide ports for external power, charging and remaining battery level LEDs. These indicators can help you know the status of the battery board even if it’s integrated into a cabinet.

Full Protection for High Reliability

BCPB6 is equipped with full protection circuit, such as overcurrent, over-temperature, short circuit, and over/under voltage protection, to ensure the high reliability and stability in any applications.

Optional Accessory Cables

We have provided an optional cables kit for customers’ convenient use and connection of BCPB6, which includes discharging cables with various terminal interfaces and external LED indicator cables. You can find the cables kit (PS-BC12311) on our website.

Package Include

1pc PS-BC12117, BCPB6

1pc PH-6Pos Discharging Cable, 25cm/ 9.84’’

  • TypeBattery Charger
  • StyleModule & Board
  • Full Protection Circuit
  • Charge and Discharge at the Same Time
  • LED Indicators for Battery Level
  • Solar Charging Supported
  • Two Output Ports
  • Battery Voltage Balancing
  • LED Indicators for Battery Level
  • Full Protection Circuit; Short Circuit, Over-temperature, Over/Under Voltage, Over-current, Over-charge and Over-discharge Protection
Specifications typical @ +25℃ unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameters Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Supply Voltage Both wide input range, DC Jack (J3) . 5.0 - 24.0 VDC
Solar panel input, Wago 2060 through a diode (J2). 18.3 19.0 24.0 VDC
Supply Current Supply current at wide input range, DC Jack (J3) is limited by boost circuit only. 0.90 - 2.30 A
Output Current JST-PH (J13). Peak current 8A for 200ms. - - 4.0 A
Molex Micro-Fit (J15). Peak current 12A for 200ms. - - 9 A
JST-XH (J12). Peak current 12A for 200ms. - - 9 A
Molex Mini-Fit (J14).Peak current 12A for 200ms. - - 9 A
JST-PH (J4), The Output Voltage is 12V. - - 3.0 A
Charge current Pre-charge current (0-140mA) might take hours before going to constant current charge mode at 0.9A/24V typical. The charging current decreases dramatically after reaching constant voltage mode which start at 4.2V. The maximum charge current can only be obtained if Iin: 2.3A, Vin: 19V are supplied to the board. Charge current decreases if lower input current and voltage applied to the board. 0.9 – 15% 0.9 0.9 + 15% A
Battery Capacity Use 4000mAh to get the typical value. Refer battery’s user manual if you are using your own Lithium-Ion battery. 4000mAh 21700 Lithium-Ion Battery
Overcharge Detection Voltage (per cell) Once overcharge protection is triggered at 4.24V, users are supposed to wait until the voltage drops to ‘over voltage release voltage’, 4.18V and activate again for normal use. 4.19 4.24 4.29 V
Overcharge Release Voltage (per cell) 4.00 4.05 4.10 V
Over-Discharge Detection Voltage (per cell) A power supply must be plugged-in for the BCPB6 to have power output after installing or reinstalling batteries. Once the board goes into the protection mode, the same activation process should be executed to re-activate the board. 2.72 2.80 2.88 V
Over-Discharge Release Voltage 2.90 3.00 3.10 V
Operating Temperature For wide operation range version, please contact us for solutions. 0 20 50





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