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CVA-1100 100Watt 70V/100V RMS Power Amplifier for Distributed Speaker Systems[786]

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U-Style Oxidized Black Aluminum Bracket 8'' x 3.25 '' x 1.38'' for CVAA Series




CVA-1100 is a 100W constant power amplifier board consisting of a power unit and an amplifier unit, designed for distributed speaker systems like background music system, alarm system, broadcast system and so on. It can continuously output 70V/100V RMS directly with no need of an output transformer, which means you can connect the output directly to the distributed speakers with transformers. Besides the default constant voltage mode, CVA-1100 can function as a constant resistance amplifier board, driving an 8Ohm speaker for local audio playback. CVA-1100 features high reliability and stability, guaranteed by equipped full protection circuit, perfectly applicable to high demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Transformer-less 70V/100V RMS Output

CVA-1100 can directly continuously deliver 70V/100V RMS without need of an output transformer, highly reducing the weight and size, and improving frequency response and distortion which could be negatively influenced by the output transformer. You can connect CVA-1100 to the distributed speakers directly, greatly simplifying the installation and integration procedure.

Supporting Both Constant Voltage and Constant Resistance Mode

In addition to default constant voltage mode for mass notification system, CVA-1100 supports driving a low impedance speaker for local audio playback as well, improving the flexibility and expandability of the whole system. The switching of the two modes is extremely simple. We left a position on the CVA-1100 for switching. You only need to enable this position with a high level voltage.

Wide Power Supply Range as 90VAC-254VAC

CVA-1100 supports wide power supply range as 90VAC-254VAC. Therefore, it supports universal main power as 110VAC and 220VAC. High quality industrial terminals are installed on CVA-1100. You just need to connect power to CVA-1100 and wait for its start, no need for any other operations.

Two Levels Gain Adjustable

CVA-1100 provides two levels gain for your selection, high level gain as 37.7dB (80V/V) and low level gain as 32dB (40dB). There is a switch on CVA-1100 for the adjustment of gain level. The output voltage is determined by both input audio voltage and the gain.

Easy Control Functions

In order to help customers easily control the system, we equipped CVA-1100 with necessary control functions. We all know CVA-1100 is a power amplifier composed of a power unit and an amplifier board. The two units can be shutdown separately. CVA-1100 supports half power control, which means once the function is enabled, the output voltage of the power unit will decrease from ±72V to ±56V for lower power consumption.

External LEDs for Operating Status Monitoring

Ports for external LEDs are offer on CVA-1100 for better monitoring of the running condition of the system. LEDs are indicators for power, signal detection and protection mode. With these LEDs, you can have a better understanding of your CVA-1100 even if it’s integrated into a cabinet.

Full Protection for High Reliability

Bearing the strict requirements of distributed speaker system on reliability and stability in mind, we developed CVA-1100 with full protection circuit (OTP, OVP, UVP, DC Bias Protection) to ensure it can run stably for long time. In addition, all CVA-1100 need to pass through a series of rigorous tests like HASS and HALT test before storing in the warehouse. All the test data are recorded. Furthermore, if you have special requirements on tests, please contact us for further discussion.

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)1
  • Output Power100
  • SizeOthers
  • Heat DissipationNo Heat Sink & FAN
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load Mode/
  • inputSingle ended Line-in, Differential Line-in,
  • Power Voltage90V-254V
  • Output Power: 100W@100Ohm 220V AC THD+N 10%
  • Wide Power Supply Range as 90V-254VAC
  • Single-ended Input Supported
  • High Voltage Differential Input Supported
  • Supporting Both Constant Voltage Mode and Constant Resistance Mode
  • High Level and Low Level Gain Adjustable
  • Shutdown Control
  • Full Protection
  • Half Output Voltage Function
  • Net Weight: 303g/0.67 lbs (±10%)
Specifications typical @ +25℃, powered by 220V AC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
AC Supply Voltage - 90 - 254 VAC
Power Consumption HALF PWR* = 0V - 9.1 - W
HALF PWR* = 5V - 6.8 - W
Input Sensitivity Single-ended Input (CH1) GAIN=H, VOUT=100Vrms - 1.25 - V
High Voltage Differential Input (CH2) GAIN=H, VOUT=100Vrms - 7.5 - V
Noise Floor @220VAC, 100Ohm, 0mVrms, A-wt - 512 - uV
@220VAC, 8Ohm, 0mVrms, A-wt - 311 - uV
SNR @220VAC, 100Ohm, 1.2Vrms (P=100W), A-wt - 105.46 - dB
@220VAC, 8Ohm, 0.66Vrms (P=100W), A-wt - 99.1 - dB
THD @220VAC, 100Ohm, 15mVrms, A-wt - 0.07 - %
@220VAC, 8Ohm,10mVrms, A-wt - 0.045 - %
Gain @220VAC, 100Ohm, 400mVrms, A-wt GAIN SET = H - 37.7 - dB
@220VAC, 8Ohm,200mVrms, A-wt GAIN SET = L - 32 - dB
PWR_SD High Level Voltage Enabled 2.5 5 12 V
AMP_SD High Level Voltage Enabled 2.5 5 12 V
HALF_PWR High Level Voltage Enabled 2.5 5 12 V
MODE High Level Voltage Enabled 2.5 5 12 V
Over Temperature Protection Power Unit - 108 -
Amplifier Unit - 90 -





24 Nov 2022

How soon can you ship this product to USA ? Do you have any local distributors in USA for this product. SKUAA-CV11102 Thank you.

Hello, Pm. Thank you for your interest in our products. Normally, it will take about 5-10 days to ship this product to USA by express. For now, there is no local distributors in USA for this product. You can place order on our shop, and we will arrange shipment for you immediately. Wish this could help you. Have a nice day~

Nick .Hioutakos

18 Jun 2022

Hello, i have bought this product and it seems to have a problem. The power-control (components: L1, L2/ C1, C2, C30, C31) unit it is VERY very hot (~80c) even when the volume is set to low or completely off . Although its not causing any problems now, i think it is going to cause some malfunctions in the future. I would like to add that i buy very frequently your products via AUDIOPHONICS because i need them for my business and all of them are working perfectly. Thanks.

Hi, Nick. Thank you for your purchase. Could you please kindly send some pictures to store@sure-electronics.com so that we can pinpoint the problem and solve it for you? We will reply to you as soon as we receive your email. Have a nice day~

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