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2 x 30 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Audio DSP - JAB3-230 (for Gaming Kiosks)[704]

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Functional Cables Kit For The Connection Between JAB2 With JAB3 (JAB accessories)



L-style Aluminum Bracket (JAB accessories)



3S 18650 Lithium Battery Charger and Balance Protection Board - BCPB2




JAB3 – 230 is an All-in-one stereo Class D audio amplifier board integrated with high performance DSP – ADAU1701, outputting 30W per channel into an 8Ohm load based on Texas Instruments TPA3118 chip. With the integrated DSP chip, JAB3 can be applied to various DIY audio, commercial or industrial applications such as digital crossover, bass enhancement, loudspeakers, kiosk, etc. After connection with WONDOM programmer – ICP series, JAB3 supports programming with SigmaStudio, remote control through APP or PC UI.

Demo program of Stereo JAB3: video link

Open-sourced firmware of Stereo JAB3 for restore factory settings: video link

Video for how to achieve I2S input and output of JAB3: video link

Video for introduction of JAB3: video link

Video for connection with JAB2 and APP control: video link

Video for reprogram DSP with SigmaStudio: video link

Miumax APP Download link for Android Phone: video link

Miumax APP Download link for iOS Phone: Please go to APP Store and search “Miumax” directly.

PC UI Miumax for JAB3 download link: video link

Integrated with DSP

The on board fully programmable 28-/56-bit audio DSP ADAU1701 from Analog device is competent in various signal processing applications. This process can compensate for real-world limitations of speakers, amplifiers, and listening environments, providing dramatic improvements in perceived audio quality.

Four potentiometers are provided on JAB3 for real time hardware control of the whole audio system for volume, gain and high / band pass filter.

Supporting SigmaStudio Program and Remote Control

Different applications have unlike requirements on audio as the speakers, the environment and the preference are different. To give customers better control of audio systems, Sure Electronics has released In-circuit programmers (ICP series), with connection of which, you can program DSP with SigmaStudio or remote control the system with APP or PC UI.

We have developed an APP – Miumax for remote control, with which, you can adjust volume, gain, frequency and EQ setting. PC UI is also available for different applications as digital crossover, bass enhancement, subwoofer, and so on.

Sure Electronics has provided open-sourced files for customers to start the project quickly. You can download on the “Download” part.

High Quality Audio Performance

Thanks to dedicated PCB layout design and engineers’ attentive debugging, this JAB3 - 230 audio amplifier board features high audio performance, whose SNR is 85dB and THD+N performs well as 0.1% @ 8Ohm, 1W, 1kHz.

Low Power Consumption and Long Playback Time

Power management system and Signal level sensor system are employed on JAB3 for low power consumption. We have preset a threshold on the input voltage of the signal. When there is no signal detected in 5min, JAB3 would enter into standby mode automatically.

This JAB3 - 230 audio module dissipates only 72mW in standby mode. The extremely low power consumption ensures long playback time especially when JAB3 - 230 is powered by battery boards, which is absolutely an advantage for portable Bluetooth speakers.

Supporting Battery Power

A DC10V-26V power supply is required to power JAB3 - 250.

In addition to power supply, JAB3 also supports battery power, which greatly improve the portability and flexibility of audio systems.

Please kindly noted that MPPT circuit is not employed in JAB3. So JAB3 cannot be used to recharge batteries. If you only buy JAB3 and want portable battery power, it is recommended to use WONDOM Battery charging, protection and balance board – BCPB series. If you have a JAB1 / JAB2 at hand, you can use the WONDOM Battey charging and protection board (JAB – BE, AA-JA11113) for power.

Easy for Installation

Four screw holes provided make this Bluetooth amplifier board easy for installation and quick for integration in any cabinet. We provide a Functional cables kit (JAB - FC) for your convenient operations. Furthermore, a 3.6’’ x 2.7’’ L-style aluminum bracket (JAB - LAB) is available to fix the Bluetooth amp in wiring process and to install the board to cabinets.

Build Audio 2.1/4.0 system with Bluetooth and DSP

JAB2 can connect with mono JAB3 to build an audio 2.1 system or connect with stereo JAB3 to build an audio 4.0 system. This built system will be integrated with both Bluetooth and DSP, suitable for portable Bluetooth speakers and digital crossover applications. A Functional cables kit (AA-AJ11116) is released for your convenient connection. As for the connection, please kindly take the .

Package Include

1pc AA-JA32473, JAB3 - 230

1pc power supply cable

1pc stereo speaker cable

1pc 3.5mm AUX IN cable

  • StyleBoards
  • Number Of Channel(s)2
  • Output Power30
  • Size3.6 x 2.7 inches (91.44mm x 68.58mm)
  • ChipsetTPA31xx
  • Heat DissipationNo Heat Sink & FAN
  • Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load ModeNO
  • inputOthers,
  • Power Voltage12V-26V
  • 3.60 x 2.70 Inches PCB Size
  • Battery Board Supported*
  • Power Management Circuit
  • DSP Integrated
  • Gain of Speaker Output Adjustable
  • High-pass Filter of Speaker Output Adjustable
  • High-pass Filter of 3.5mm Headphone Output Adjustable
  • Overall Volume Adjustable
  • Signal Level Sensor System*
  • External 3.5mm AUX IN Port
  • Power Switch Port*
  • 3.5mm Headphone Output
  • Compatible with JAB2*
Specifications typical @ +25℃,Powered by 24V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
ParameterConditionsMin.Typ. Max.Units
Number of Channels--2--
Output Current Limit --7.5 A
Output under PLIMIT Voltage-6.757.908.75V
Minimum Load ImpedanceOutput filter:L=10uH, C=680nF3.28-Ω
Efficiency30W@8Ohm-91- %
Power Supply-10.51926VDC
Nominal Power Requirement--30-W
Operating Voltage-111924V
Idle PowerSignal@24V0.861.461.61W
No Signal@24V455772mW
Switching FrequencySD Floating@24V-406-kHz
Power Consumption1/4 of max output power@8Ohm, 24V-0.75-A
1/8 of max output power@8Ohm, 24V-0.46-A
 ControlStandbyHigh-level Input Voltage6.0--V
Low-level Input Voltage--0.4V
MuteHigh-level Output Voltage3.5--V
Low-level Output Voltage--0.4V
Idle Power/CurrentSignal57780mA
No Signal 0.53400mA
Standby Power/CurrentSD short to GND, only when low power module available-335mA
Battery Undervoltage Protection--10.3-V
Specifications typical @ +25℃, powered by 24V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Minimum Gain@8Ohm, 1kHz   262632dB
Input Sensitivity30W@8Ohm, 1kHz-0.4-V
SNR4W@8Ohm, THD+N 1%-85-dB
THD+N1W@8Ohm, 1kHz-0.10-%
10w@8Ohm, 1kHz-0.12-%
Input Impedance--10-
Slew Rate@8Ohm, Input Filter Bypassed--10V/ms
Output Noise LevelA-weighting, Input Connected to GND-65-uV
Crosstalk Separationf=1kHz, Gain=20dB--60-dB
DC Offset--1.515mV
Max Input Level--26-dBu






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