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Shipping & Delivery

Sure Electronics will choose mainland China as the major shipping origin, and for customers in North America, we might ship from warehouse in Cincinnati, United States. Sure Electronics cannot guarantee which warehouse will be chosen for each carriage so all prices listed in website are excluded of VAT or import TAX, customers need to pay for that by themselves.


All orders are charged actual and/or dimensional weight and destination. Sure Electronics will use the most optimal carrier by considering clearance, delivery time, etc factors. We will select the optimal delivery according to your country. But if the target address is a remote area, customers need to pay for the remote area surcharge. Please check respective carrier’s website to ensure that your address will not be a remote area (Please refer to “Guide for Query Remote Area”). Sure Electronics will charge at least 15USD remote area surcharge per parcel. If customer refused to pay the remote area surcharge or our carrier can not provide shipping service to the shipping address, Sure Electronics will keep all rights to reject an order, and all payment will be return to customer and the order will be abandoned.


Sure Electronics Target Shipping Countries and Regions Including:

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Australia ,New Zealand ,United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, Turkey, Finland, Russian Federation, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Vietnam, Malaysia. And we also ship to Taiwan and Hongkong SAR.


Delivery Time

We ship orders Monday through Saturday from our warehouse in Nanjing, PRC. Most orders ship the following day when received before 2:00am PST; 8:00am UTC.

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