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Reward Points

Know our Rewards Program (100USD=100 Loyalty points=1 reward point=1USD)

At WONDOM Store, we believe you should have the most out of every dollar you spend. So, we give you special reward points every time you place the order

WONDOM Rewards Program has been designed keeping in mind customers' preferences. You can get reward points equal to 1% the fee you have paid for the products every time you shop on the amount you spend. These points will be carried to your account right after your order statuses are complete. You can use your reward points for sample request, deduction of freight, accessories, new arrival, and so on.

Get rewarded at every step of your association with us (Earning Reward Points )

Earning Reward Points by registering

Earning Reward Points by subscribing us

Earning Reward Points by purchasing your favorite products

Earning Reward Points by posting reviews

Redeem your Reward Points by sharing your favorite products with your friends

  • 1. New registrators will get 500 points worth cash value of USD $5.
  • 2. New subscribers will get 1000 points worth cash value of USD $10.
  • 3. Every time you shop, you will get reward points on the amount you spend. (100USD=100 Loyalty points=1 Reward point=1USD)
  • 4. Every time you post reviews (only validated reviews), you will get 100 points worth cash value of USD $1.
  • 5. With our referral program, that will allow you to gather points when sharing the products with your friends through your social media.
  • Taking a video and share the link through your social media, you will get 3000 points worth cash value of $30(only validated videos),.
  • Gathering 1000 likes, you will get extra 3000 points worth cash value of $30.

Redeeming Reward Points 

Log in to wondom.com to redeem your reward points.

Redeem your Reward Points for FIRST-HAND Experiences for NEW PRODUCTS

Redeem your Reward Points to get your favorite products(sample request)

Redeem your Reward Points for deduction of freight

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