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6S 21700 Battery Charging and Protection Board Released

WONDOM BCPB series battery boards have been popular among audio DIYers since releasement. Recently, taking customers’ feedbacks on large capacity into consideration, we have released BCPB6, 6S 21700 Lithium battery charging and protection board.

BCPB6 is a highly reliable Lithium-Ion Battery Charging, Protection, and Balancing Board that operates with wide input range, 5- 24V. This board is able to charge the batteries from input voltages above, below, or equal to the output voltages. It is designed for 6 in series 21700 Lithium-Ion Battery which provides approximately 88-100Wh energy. The MPPT charging integrated feature supports an 18.3-24V power supply. BCPB6 is complemented with a visualized display of battery level indicators. To ensure the reliability of this board, it is equipped with full protection circuit; overcurrent, over-temperature, short circuit, and over/under voltage protection. The battery balancing IC allows constant battery voltage between 6 in series 21700 Lithium-Ion cells. It is designed for industrial application with verified MTBF for low-temperature increment under rigorous design.

Key features:

Outputting 25.2V after fully charged

Wide Input Range as DC5-24V, Supporting MPPT Solar Charging

Multiple Discharging Ports for Multiple Devices

Indicators for Board Running Situation

Full Protection for High Reliability

6S 21700 5-24V Input Lithium Battery Charging and Protection Board Designed for 24V Vehicle Battery System - BCPB6



USB-C PD2.0 3.0 to DC Decoy Fast Charging trigger Released

We recently have released a highly cost-effective charging trigger, which is equipped with USB PD protocol, supporting PD3.0/2.0, BC1.2 and other fast charging protocols. It can make your charger output desired voltage within 5 levels it supports as DC5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V. The switch among voltage levels is achieved by simple press. It is highly integrated with built-in PD communication module, widely applicable to various electrical equipment improving power, such as wireless charger, electric toothbrushes, rechargeable shaver, electric tools with lithium batteries and so on.

Key Features;

Supporting Max power up to 100W

Supporting PD3.0/2.0, BC1.2 and other fast charging protocols

Supporting USB Type-C PD

Universal Type-C Input

Supporting 5 levels voltage, switching through buttons

USB-C PD2.0/3.0 to DC Decoy Fast Charging trigger



2S 26650 Lithium Battery Charging & Protection Board BCPB1+ Released

WONDOM BCPB series, as Battery charging, balance and protection boards, greatly improves portability and flexibility of audio systems, applicable to portable Bluetooth speaker, home DIY, and industrial applications.

Recently, we released a new member of BCPB series – BCPB1+, which is designed for 2pcs 26650 Lithium batteries in series. With equipped boost circuit, BCPB1+ supports wide input voltage range as DC5V-19V. This board is able to charge batteries with input voltage above, below, or equal to the output voltage. In addition, it is integrated with MPPT charging circuit, supporting a DC19V-24V input.

BCPB1+ inherits high reliability and stability of BCPB series. It features complete protection circuit and a verified MTBF for low-temperature increment under rigorous design.

Buy now!

2S 26650 Lithium Battery Charging and Protection Board w 5V Boost Circuit for Raspberry Pi and Zero - BCPB1+



Sure Electronics will participate in prolight+sound GUANGZHOU 2022

Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition from Feb 25, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022.

We will mainly display our CVA series, which are constant power amplifiers specially designed for distributed speaker system, such as Mass Notification system, Background Music system, Public Address Announcement system, Alarm system and so on.

CVA series can directly output 70V/100V/120V high voltage from amplifier, without any need of output transformer, which greatly saves cost and space. We provide 100W-500W constant amplifiers for your selection. All CVA constant amplifiers feature high reliability and stability, guaranteed by equipped full protection circuits.

Our Booth No. is 3.1 H18 and we sincerely invite you for a visit.

CVA-1100 100Watt 70V/100V RMS Power Amplifier for Distributed Speaker Systems



100W 70V/100V Constant Voltage Power Amplifier for Distributed Speaker System Released

CVA-1100 is a 100W constant power amplifier board consisting of a power unit and an amplifier unit, designed for distributed speaker systems like background music system, alarm system, broadcast system and so on. It can continuously output 70V/100V RMS directly with no need of an output transformer, which means you can connect the output directly to the distributed speakers with transformers. Besides the default constant voltage mode, CVA-1100 can function as a constant resistance amplifier board, driving an 8Ohm speaker for local audio playback. CVA-1100 features high reliability and stability, guaranteed by equipped full protection circuit, perfectly applicable to high demanding commercial and industrial applications.


Transformer-less 70V/100V RMS Output

Supporting Both Constant Voltage and Constant Resistance Mode

Wide Power Supply Range as 90VAC-254VAC

Two Levels Gain Adjustable

CVA-1100 100Watt 70V/100V RMS Power Amplifier for Distributed Speaker Systems



KAB6 4CH 15W TPA3110 Audio Amplifier Board for Game Machine Released

We have recently released a new member of KAB series – KAB6-415, a 4CH audio amplifier board specially designed for game machine applications. It is developed based on TI TPA3110 amp IC, delivering 15W output power per channel into an 8Ohm load. It features compact size, full protection and high reliability, applying to audio 4.0 system. Thanks to easy installation, KAB6-415 can be integrated into most projects simply. Industrial pluggable terminal blocks make it easy to be integrated in systems. KAB6-415 supports being configured as 2.1 mode or 2.0 mode, greatly improving the flexibility of the whole audio system.

Keeping the requirements on high reliability in commercial and industrial applications, we equipped KAB6-415 with full protection circuit to ensure it can work stably for long time. We have carried out extremely strict test for this board to ensure its reliability and stability. In addition to functional test and performance test, all boards go through HALT and HASS test before storage. If you are interested, please contact us.

4 x 15W 4Ohm Class D Audio Amplifier Board for Game Machine and Kiosk



Highly Cost-Effective Full Range / Subwoofer Speakers Released

To provide our customers with full set of audio solutions, we have recently launched many speakers with high build quality, ranging from 1.5’’ 4W to 8’’ 80W. You can definitely find a model of speaker you are looking for. SUFR speakers are full range speakers with wide effective frequency range, which are specially optimized for voice band and can provide clean and elegant audio playback. SUPB speakers are all fitted in an ultra-compact plastic box with the built-in rubber mounts for vibration damping upon the panel mounting, which offers powerful sound regardless of its small size. All the speakers are designed to be easy for installation, suitable for kiosk, game machine, ATM, guide machine, self-service robots, gate machine and home audio DIY applications.

Please kindly refer to the attached pictures for more information.

2" Neodymium Powered 5Watt 4Ohm Plastic Box Speaker Unit (SUPB5005)

2.5" Ferrite Powered 25Watt 4Ohm Full Range Speaker Unit (SUFR6325)



In-Circuit Programmer with USB UART for PC UI Control and BLE for APP Control - ICP5 Relea

WONDOM ICP5 is a new member of WONDOM ICP series, integrated with USB UART for PC UI Control & Bluetooth BLE for APP Control. It is designed to help customers, even those who are not familiar with SigmaStudio, to get a simple and quick start of remote control and simple programming like EQ for their audio systems.

ICP5 is a multiple purpose programming board for use with WONDOM products integrated with DSP, providing various functions as programming with SigmaStudio, APP control and PC UI control. In addition, ICP5 supports online Firmware Upgrade by yourselves for future use with more products. Owing to the equipped auto-identification system, ICP5 can recognize the target products automatically once they are connected.

In-circuit Programmer with UART for PC UI Control & BLE for APP Control - ICP5



4CH 30W Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth & ADAU1701 DSP - JAB4

Sure Electronics has released JAB4 recently, which is a 4-channel amplifier board, delivering 30W into an 8Ohm load based on TI’s TPA3118 chip. JAB4 is integrated with Bluetooth V5.0 module, supporting wireless audio connection and various audio format decode, such as aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, SBC and AAC. Thanks to the equipped ADAU1701 DSP, JAB4 supports multiple control methods for audio processing. Four external potentiometers are provided for simple gain and frequency adjustment. After connection with WONDOM ICP programmer, you can write programs in SigmaStudio or control the audio system via PC UI with more effects.

JAB4 supports PBTL configuration, therefore, in addition to 4.0 (4 x 30W) mode, JAB4 can work as 2.1 mode (2 x 30W + 1 x 60W), and 2.0 mode (2 x 60W). Besides speaker output, JAB4 offers an I2S signal output, which can be transmitted to an I2S audio amplifier board to build a 4.2 / 6.0 audio system. You can get multiple systems for various applications by purchasing one product!

JAB4 features high quality audio performance, high efficiency, high flexibility and expandability, perfectly suitable for DIY applications, Home audio, Hotel audio, Desktop audio, Garden audio and demanding industrial audio applications.

JAB4 - 4 x 30 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board w ADAU1701 DSP & Bluetooth Ver5.0 for Audio 4.0/2.1/2.0 System



Waterproof Cabinet Released for DIY Outdoor Applications

WONDOM JAB series is integrated with Bluetooth module for wireless audio connection, and DSP module for easy and remote control, widely applicable in Audio DIY applications, like bookshelf speakers, portable speakers, garden audio, etc.

Have you ever encountered this situation? You want to install your audio system outdoor, such as in the garden or on the porch wall. But you have to give up because of the restriction of weather or dust. You are afraid that the audio system would be damaged due to the rain or moisture.

Taking the outdoor applications requirements into consideration, we designed the waterproof cabinet, which is made of ABS plastic and can protects your PCB from moisture or dust. The regulation of the waterproof cabinet is 140 x 103 x 49mm, therefore, any PCB whose dimension is within 127mm x 70mm (LxW) can work greatly with it. There are four pre-drilled holes for wire connection of power supply, LED indicators or control buttons. We have prepared various accessories for your convenient integration, including screws, waterproof connector plug and socket, adhesive tape and so on. This can vastly save your time of preparation and enjoy the pure joy of DIY audio.

2pcs 140x103x49mm Waterproof DIY Cabinet WDC140 Case For JAB1/ JAB2 / JAB3+

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