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ure Electronics specializes in Hi-rel Audio Solutions that provides electronics hobbyists and business partners the middleware which can help reduce customers' development difficulties and save their precious time-to-market by making the products directly released in the market. Aimed at improving efficiency, consequently reducing power consumption, and increasing power density, Sure Electronics, always attentive to the development of 2P Platform, High Power and High Performance, has been offering for many years a range of Audio, power supply and DSP solutions for Commercial, Industry and Medical applications.

Centred on High Performance Platform, we are committed to providing customers the products, services, and expertise they need for their projects for use in Professional Sound Reinforcement Systems, Cinema, Public Address, Active Speaker Systems, Sound Systems, Hi-Fi Systems, Guitar Amplifiers, Jukeboxes and Games Machines, Home Theatre.

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high efficiency

SNR up to



high audio performance

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high power density

Sure Electronics’ High Power, High Voltage and Ultra Wideband amplifiers are available for non-Audio Hi-rel industry and “M” Grade high reliability applications, which meet the demands of Underwater Acoustic, Alarm and other rigorous operating environments. All INDUSTRIAL grade products are 100% static and dynamic tested at -25°C ~+85°C while ‘M’ grade product is 100% tested under -55°C ~+150°C.

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high reliabiliry

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high voltage

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high wideband



Bluetooth Receiver Board




Less is More

Extremely high efficiency allowing for massive power headroom in a compact form factor. They are widely used in police and military applications and in drones.



Waterproof Cabinet Released for DIY Outdoor Applications


WONDOM JAB series is integrated with Bluetooth module for wireless audio connection, and DSP module for easy and remote control, widely applicable in Audio DIY applications, like bookshelf speakers, portable speakers, garden audio, etc.

Have you ever encountered this situation? You want to install your audio system outdoor, such as in the garden or on the porch wall. But you have to give up because of the restriction of weather or dust. You are afraid that the audio system would be damaged due to the rain or moisture.

Taking the outdoor applications requirements into consideration, we designed the waterproof cabinet, which is made of ABS plastic and can protects your PCB from moisture or dust. The regulation of the waterproof cabinet is 140 x 103 x 49mm, therefore, any PCB whose dimension is within 127mm x 70mm (LxW) can work greatly with it. There are four pre-drilled holes for wire connection of power supply, LED indicators or control buttons. We have prepared various accessories ... read all

2pcs 140x103x49mm Waterproof DIY Cabinet WDC140 Case For JAB1/ JAB2 / JAB3+

1 Sure Electronics is going to participate in Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2021

#ConstantVoltageAmplifier #MassNotificationSystem #ConferenceSystem #DigitalCrossover

2 SUFR5015 2‘’ 12Ohm 15W Speakers Released

#speakers #2inchspeaker #Industrialspeakers #SUFR5015

3 Sure Electronics is going to participate in China Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show

#Vendingmachine #Self-servicefacilities #Audioamplifier #KAB #USBcodec #Audioisolation

4 4CH 100W Audio Amplifier Board JAB5 with ADAU1701 DSP & BT 5.0 Released

#JAB5 #4CH #Bluetooth5.0 #ADAU1701 #DSP #DigitalCrossover #APP/PCUIcontrol

5 All-in-one Audio Amplifier Board JAB3+ with ADAU1701 DSP & BT 5.0 Released

#JAB3+ #Bluetooth5.0 #ADAU1701 #DSP #PortableBluetoothSpeaker #DigitalCrossover

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STRONG ENOUGH, To survive in the most harsh environments.

SMALL ENOUGH, To make each space most effective.

SURE Electronics will be transformed into a professional designer and a manufacturer of Class-D audio amplifiers and matched power supplies. So SURE brand will fade away from retail and Sure Electronics will be committed to provide solutions, instead of direct products, for our distributors and partners. Our company name, Sure Electronics, will always remain the same.