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Sure Electronics is a professional audio solutions provider that provides electronics hobbyists and business partners with the middleware, which can help reduce customers' development difficulties and save their precious time-to-market by making the products directly released to the market.

Aimed at improving efficiency, consequently reducing power consumption, and increasing power density, Sure Electronics, always attentive to the audio quality of its products, has been offering for many years a range of Audio, power supply and DSP solutions for Commercial, Industry, Medical and Automotive Grade applications, and works for applications as follows:

Commercial Applications

Industrial Applications

Medical Applications

Hi-Fi & DIY

Underwater Acoustic Application

  • Gaming Kiosk & Vending Kiosk
  • Public Address
  • Long Range Acoustic
  • Underwater Acoustic
  • Medical Device
  • Professional Audio
Gaming Kiosk
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Vending Machine
Game Machine
Ticket Vending Machine
Service Robot
Automatic Gate Machine

Considering the power and audio system requirements of self-service equipment and game machines, Sure Electronics released audio amplifier boards specially designed for industrial applications, whose power ranges from 2W to 300W, including two channel and multi-channel model, meeting requirements of commonly used audio 2.0/2.1/4.0/5.1/7.1 system. WONDOM KAB series is a highly cost-effective audio amplifier series with full protection extended from our standard product with optimization in system integration of Self-service Equipment and Game Machine application, ensuring controllable cost and short design cycle for fast transition from prototype to market. KAB series is capable of meeting requirements of easy integration, high reliability and low power consumption in today’s industrial applications.

Constant voltage communication is common used in applications where miles of cable are used for transmission, they minimize resistive power loss by running the power as high voltage and low current. Sure Electronics provides complete audio amplifier and power supply solution - CVA Series (without step-up transformer) from 100W - 500W, which can be applied to audio communications in the form of a constant-voltage system (typically 70-200 volts). Such a system is often used when a single power amplifier drives many loudspeakers through long cable runs (over 50 feet). Some examples of this condition are distributed speaker systems for P.A., Broadcast, paging, or low-SPL background music. We have more than 4 designs for PA System, from traditional constant voltage solution with step-up transformer to transformless audio solutions. Please contact us at info@sure-electronics.com for any inquiries.

Long Range Acoustic Devices are used for remote transmission of messages or warning signals in higher volume to achieve the purpose of alerting, dispersing.

Equipped with advanced power supply Auto-switch and speaker voice coil Thermal Management circuit, Sure Electronics provides customers with full set solution of long range acoustic devices with SPL up to 140dB, featuring complete protection circuit, light weight, compact size and high efficiency.

Transducer can ben seen as a big capacitive load, which requires high voltage to drive. In addition, it will produce inactive power, raising higher requirements for the amplifier’s frequency response and driving capability.

Based on advanced Broadband Amplifier technology, Sure Electronics provides 200W-2kWrms amplifier solutions for underwater acoustic applications, featuring wide frequency range, high output voltage up to 1000Vp-p, high efficiency and reliability.

In Low Frequency Therapy Device applications, low frequency signal as 2Hz-50Hz is widely used. The low frequency signal will be amplified by amplifier and the coil will generate electromagnetic field when it is fed AC current. The higher AC current is, the higher level of intensity the electromagnetic field will have.

Sure Electronics provides wide frequency range amplifier optimized for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices, which can continuously output 30A, featuring flexible load characteristics, wide load range, complete protection and high reliability.

Sure Electronics provides high performance power amplifier solutions intended for pro audio applications, covering 500W to 2000W from one Chanel to four channels. With accumulated expertise in Class-D domain, Sure Electronics uses high performance discrete modulation in PA products SMA Series. Power supply solution optimized for audio with extreme wide dynamic range is assembled with amplifier, ensuring powerful sound reproduction since it deliver full output power to single rail.

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