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5S 26650 Lithium Battery Charging, Balance and Protection Board-BCPB4[707]

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Functional Cables Kit For BCPB3/BCPB4



BCPB/DC Input Conversion Board w BC1.2 USB Charging Port




As the new comer of BCPB (Battery Charging and Protection Board) series, BCPB4 inherits the high efficiency and high reliability of BCPB2, offering more battery holders and larger capacity. BCPB4 is designed for 5pieces 26650 Lithium Batteries in series and can be used as a power bank for Routers, Raspberry Pi, High power portable speakers and Mobile phones, which is widely used in Home DIY applications to save your precious time from the connection of electric wires. Supporting wide range of charging input voltage and hybrid charging sources is one of the highlights of BCPB4. Any 5-24V 2A adapters can be used to charge the batteries with BCPB4.

This board can be powered by multiple chemical components of rechargeable batteries like Lithium-ion battery, Lithium-iron phosphate battery, Ni-MH battery, Li-Fe-Po battery and Lead-acid battery. Besides that, the balance and protection circuit constantly to monitor each cell’s voltage, the current of charging or discharging, and the temperature of the environment to provide overcharge, over-discharge, output over-current, short circuit, charge over-current and over-temperature protections, etc.

Video for demonstration of multiple charging source and wide power supply range: video link

Video for demonstration of modified BCPB charging Lead-acid battery: video link

  • TypeBattery Charger
  • StyleModule & Board
  • 5-24V Wide Range Charging Voltage
  • Hybrid Charging Sources
  • Supporting Extension Board with
  • Dual 5V 2A USB Discharge Ports
  • Multi-discharging Ports
  • Solar Charging Supported
  • Large Capacity with 5 cells 26650 Batteries
  • LED Indicators for Battery Status
  • Balance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-temperature Protection
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Output/Input Over-current Protection
  • Over-charge and Over-discharge Protection
  • Weight: 168g/0.37lbs (±10%)
  • Size: 6.0 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches
Specifications typical @ +25℃, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Supply Voltage-51224VDC
Maximum discharge current---10A
Typical charge current-0.322.5A
Overcharge detection voltagePer Single cell-4.235-V
Overcharge release voltagePer Single cell-4.18-V
Over-discharge detection voltagePer Single cell-2.8-V
Over-discharge release voltagePer Single cell-3.0-V
Balance starting voltagePer Single cell-4.18-V
Operating Temperature--2050



14 Jan 2020

Hi, I have questions about two different possible setups using this board. Firstly, could this board be used to power the following (all at the same time): AA-AB32971 T-Amp + AA-AB41136 Bluetooth Receiver + AA-AP23122 DSP? And secondly, could it be used to power: AA-JA32172 Amp Board with DSP + AA-AB41136 Bluetooth Receiver? Many thanks. Andreas

Hi, Andreas. Thank you for your interest in our products. Please kindly be noted that the output voltage of BCPB4 is up to the batteries voltage. The power supply of AA-AB41136 - BRB3 is DC9V-15V and the power supply of AA-AP23122 - APM2 is DC5V. Therefore, BCPB4 cannot be used to power the two boards directly. Considering your requirements, we recommend you to order JAB2 and JAB3, which can build a 2.1/4.0 audio system integrated with both Bluetooth and DSP. What's more, you can use BCPB4 to power the two boards at the same time. Wish this could help you.


23 Oct 2019

Hi, I would like to use this module to power JAB3, plus I need a second 5V 1A power supply, is it possible to have this second power supply directly from the SKUPS-BC12113 without using SKUAA-JA11112?

Hi, Enrico. Thank you for your interest in our products. We have released a BCPB/DC Input Conversion Board W BC1.2 USB Charging Port (PS-BC12211) that can be connected with BCPB4 through J28 on BCPB4 to provide a maximum output of 5.25V/2.1A. Please kindly refer to the following link. http://store.sure-electronics.com/product/PS-BC12211 Wish this could help you.

Le Viet.Cuong

22 Sep 2019


Hi, thank you for your interest in our products. BCPB4 can be used to power JAB2. There are multiple discharging ports on BCPB4 so it can be used to power the audio 2.1 system built with WONDOM JAB2 and JAB3. Wish this could help you.


18 Sep 2019

Same question as two month ago. When will be released the Functional Cables Kit for BCPB3 & BCPB4?

Hi, Ratze. Thank you very much for your interest in our products. The Functional Cables Kit for BCPB3 & BCPB4 has been launched and the link is as follows: http://store.sure-electronics.com/product/PS-BC12311 Please feel free to contact us if you have any other problem.


26 Aug 2019

Can I use solar panel with this? IE for boombox... listen and charge at same time?

Hi, james. Thank you for your interest in our products. The BCPB4 can be charged by solar panel but please be noticed that MPPT function is not equipped in the BCPB4. The voltage of the solar panel should be within the power supply range as 5-24V of BCPB4 and the effective output current of the solar panel should be more than 2A. It may take long time for it to be fully charged using solar panel. The BCPB4 can charge and discharge at the same time. Wish this could help you.


31 Jul 2019

Hello. Has been the functional cables kit for BCPB released yet? What would be in there? Two LED for J1 and J2 and the external battery level display and control switch for J7?

Hi, Ratze. Thank you for your interest in our product. The Functional Cables Kit for BCPB3 & BCPB4 will be released soon. The picture of detailed information has been attached for your reference. Wish this could help you. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.


29 Jul 2019

Hello, someone pointed out that with a charger between 14-18v the amperage went up to 3.4A. Well above the safe limit. Is this true? I have a 15V 4A charger that I want to use. Thanks

Hello, Gustav. Thank you for your interest in our products. We have make improvements on the BCPB4 according to this issue. In order to get maximum charging power, we suggest that you use 19V power supply to charge BCPB4. If you insist on using 15V 4A power supply, please pay attention to the charge current limitation of your batteries.


22 Jun 2019

What batteries do you recommend?

Hi, Brennen. Thank you for your interest in our products. The BCPB4 is designed for 26650 Lithium-ion batteries.


21 May 2019

Hello. has the Functional Cables Kit for BCPB series been released yet? And will a similar cable be available for the 3S 18650 board? Thanks.

Hi Simon. Thank you for your interest in our product. The Functional Cables for BCPB3/4 are in production and will be released in 2 weeks. Some cables in this package will be suitable for BCPB2 (3S 18650 Lithium Battery Charging, Balancing and Protection Board). Please stay tuned.

helge dorby.hansen

15 Apr 2019

Is it possible to put 2 together?

Hi, helge. Please be noted that BCPB4 (PS-BC12113) is FORBIDDEN to be connected in parallel or in series.


03 Apr 2019

Is their a plug and play extension cable and device available that will allow remote viewing of battery state of charge?

Hi, Mark. Yes. The Functional Cables Kit for BCPB series will be released in one week and the cable you mentioned is in it. Please keep on paying attention to us. Thank you.


30 Mar 2019

Would you consider in the future to make this unit compatible with 18650 batteries as they are more readily available?

Hi, Syd. The product you mentioned (5S 18650 Lithium Battery Charging, Balance and Protection Board) is in our plan and it will be released soon. Please stay tuned and thank you for your support.


26 Mar 2019

Can this be used to power the JAB1 and JAB3 simultaneously?

Hi, William. The BCPB4 provides multiple discharging ports so it can power JAB1 and JAB3 at the same time. But please be noted that JAB3 cannot be connected with JAB1. Feel free to contact us if you have any problem.


07 Mar 2019

Can you chain these boards to increase capacity like the 3S model?

Hi William. Please be noted that the 5S 26650 Lithium Battery Charging, Balance and Protection Board-BCPB4 cannot be connected with another one for safety.


27 Nov 2018

What is the voltage output of this board 12 or 24. Looking for 24v.

Dear James, Sorry for the late reply. When the batteries are fully charged, the output voltage of BCPB4 can be up to 21V.

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