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3S 18650 Lithium Battery Charger and Balance Protection Board - BCPB2[702]

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The 3S 18650 Lithium battery charger and balance protection board is a charging and protection module for 3 pcs Lithium batteries pack. It is highly integrated and can be used as portable power bank.

With MPPT charging ICs equipped, this board works as charger and supports 15-24V power supply for charging. Four indicators are equipped as battery status reminder.

The Lithium battery charger and balance protection board works constantly to monitor each cell’s voltage, the current of charge or discharge, and the temperature of the environment to provide overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and over-temperature protections, etc.

The battery charger and balance protection board is designed for 3 pcs 18650 Lithium batteries in series, which aren’t included in the package. You need to prepare the Lithium-ion batteries with 3.6V typical working voltage and 4.2V overcharge protection voltage. Besides, any other batteries especially LiFePO4 battery are prohibited.

  • TypeBattery Charger
  • StyleModule & Board
  • Charging Voltage from 15V-24V
  • Solar Charging Supported
  • Three Ports for Discharging
  • Battery Status Indicators
  • Charging Indicator
  • High-accuracy voltage detection for each cell
  • Weight: 124g/0.27lbs (±10%)
  • Size: 3.60 x 2.70 x 1.19 inches
Specifications typical @+25 unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Charging Voltage-151924VDC
Idle powerV1=V2=V3=3.5V--25uA
Standby powerV1=V2=V3=2V--10uA
Maximum discharge current---10A
Charge current--1.5-A
Overcharge detection voltageSingle cell-4.235-V
Overcharge release voltageSingle cell-4.18-V
Overdischarge detection voltageSingle cell-2.8-V
Overdischarge release voltageSingle cell-3-V
Balance starting voltageSingle cell-4.18-V
Operating Temperature--2050
Storage Temperature--2020105
Thermal Temperature--150-



11 May 2019

The connection diagram is for an amplifier board, not this product. Can you fix it?

Dear Er.Sp, thank you for your feedback. We have changed the connection diagram of BCPB2. It is customers like you who make WONDOM better. Please feel free to contact us if there is any other problem.

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