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Digitally Controlled Stereo Electronic Audio Volume Control Board - PT2259

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Digitally Controlled Stereo Electronic Audio Volume Control Board - PT2259[112]

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It is a digital controlled stereo electronic audio volume control designed for a wide range of audio amplifier projects and audio applications such as Jukebox, kiosk, Desktop, tec. Being a family member of Wondom Volume Control Series, it features easy installation and convenient connection. Add it to any amp board that has line input capability to control the volume with a stepped rotatory knob. Analog and digital sections receive power independently to minimize the chance for interference.

  • Board TypeBoard
  • input3.5mm AUX,
  • output3.5mm AUX,
  • Control InterfaceHardware
  • SizeOthers
  • Power Voltage12V
  • A mature volume adjustment module
  • Single-end audio signal output
  • LED status indicator
  • External power and signal output connector
  • Power supply anti-reverse protection
ParameterConditionsMin.Typ. Max.Units
Power Supply- -12-VDC
Number of Channels--2--
Operating Voltage-812 15A
Operating CurrentVCC = 12V, Vi = 0V, LED Indicator of Volume Button is ON                 -9 -mA
Load Impedance1kHz-50-kOhm
ParameterConditionsMin.Typ. Max.Units
Volume Attenuation Range -69 0dB
Attenuation step_ 1 dB/step
Maximum Output VoltageVcc=12V,1000Hz,Att=0dB,Rload=50Kohm,THD+N<1% 1.3 Vrms
SNRVin=1Vrms, Att=0dB,A-weighted 107 dB
 THD1000Hz,Att=0dB,A-weighted,Rolad=50Kohm, Vout=200mV 0.02 %
Output Noise VoltageVin=GND, Mute=OFF, Volume Att=0dB,A-weighted 4 uV
Crosstalk SeparationVin=2.5Vrms,1000Hz,Volume Att=0dB -90 dB
 MuteVin=2.5Vrms,1000Hz,Volume Att=0dB,A-weighted -62 dB
Frequency ResponseVin=1Vrms, Volume Att=0dB  (±0.1dB)20 20kHz






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