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Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. Released I2S Input Audio Amplifier – AA-AB32255
New Product Announcement

Ground noise commonly exists in analog audio system, which gives listeners bad hearing experience. Nowadays, system-on-chip is used in industrial applications such as game machine, vending machine and other self-service equipment, making it essential that there is digital input interface on the audio amplifier.

On basis of the TAS5756 from Texas Instruments, Sure Electronics launched new amplifier board – AA-AB32255, a digital input high performance Class D audio amplifier with integrated audio processor. It provides 20Watts stereo, making it suitable for PC audio, Sound bars, Active speaker, DIY applications such as Raspberry pi.

AA-AB32255 supports I2S digital input and supports high resolution playback up to 192kHz/24bit so customers can enjoy music same as originally recorded. Its advanced design offers low noise, high SNR and low THD+N as 0.08%, delivering premium audio quality to listeners.

Besides, this board also provides 3-wire audio digital interface (no MCLK required), supporting Raspberry Pi, offering a swift and convenient audio solution for DIYers. It can also work as a high performance stereo audio DAC and supports direct analog output without amplification.

Search AA-AB32255 in http://store.sure-electronics.com for more detailed information.

2 x 30 Watt Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC - TAS5756



Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. Has Submitted More Than 20 Patent Applications
Patented Technology

To keep its technology edge, Sure Electronics has maintained an unwavering commitment to R&D since its birth. Sure Electronics is committing to making Class-D Safe, Utility, Reliable and Effective and making it widely accepted in Industry and Military territory. Aimed at improving efficiency, reducing power consumption consequently, and increasing power density, Sure Electronics, always attentive to the audio quality of its products, has been offering for many years a range of Audio, Power Supply and DSP solutions in High Performance and High Power Platform.

Three R&D groups are built as the independent department for different research area. Over ten topics and projects like Transparent Amplification, Beyond the Audio Frequency Researching are issued to provide theoretical support for our design.

In recent years, Sure Electronics has been paying much attention to the accumulation of patent technology and is always strengthening the investment and exploring of advanced technology, which is based on meeting core demand of the industry and improving the audio quality of Class D products. Now we have developed creative ideas in the heat dissipation, drive circuit, feedback system and control system.

For now, we have submitted more than 20 patent applications and is preparing for the application of New and High Technology Enterprise.



Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in CVS 2019, SHANGHAI
Company News

Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in The China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show 2019 from April 25, 2019 to April 27, 2019.

In this exhibition, Sure Electronics mainly displays the KAB series, a highly cost-effective audio amplifier series with full protection extended from our standard product with optimization in system integration of Self-service Equipment application, ensuring controllable cost and short design cycle for fast transition from prototype to market.

KAB series is capable of meeting requirements of easy integration, high reliability and low power consumption in today’s self-service equipment amplifier marketplace. Abundant ports for high-speed input are provided in KAB series such as HDMI, Coaxial, Optical, USB, RCA and Bluetooth, opening up possibilities for swift and convenient connection with System-on Chip (SoC) or other peripheral equipment. Microphone amplifier and headphone amplifier are available when recording and audio reproduction through headphone are required. Auxiliary power port in the matched power supply - KPS series for KAB series is reserved for powering up SoC, saving much space and cost of whole system.

Our Booth No. is N4-H05 and we sincerely invite you for a visit.



Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in prolight+sound GUANGZHOU
Company News

Sure Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in prolight+sound GUANGZHOU from Feb 24, 2019 to Feb 27, 2019.

In this exhibition, Sure Electronics mainly displays the CVA series, specially designed as Constant Voltage power amplifier in Background Music system, Public Address Announcement system, Alarm system and Communication system, and JAB series with built-in high performance DSP tailored to Digital Crossover and Subwoofer applications.

Sure Electronics provides 60W-500W 70V/100V/120V Constant Voltage Amplifier with high reliability and high efficiency, covering traditional solution with transformer and no step-up transformer solution. JAB series realizes accurate crossover via DSP, faithfully reproducing sound and protecting speakers from damage. Meanwhile, UI control (Mobile/PC) greatly improves system operability.

Our Booth No. is 6.1 A22 and we sincerely invite you for a visit.

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