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Power Supply for HiFi

Functional Cables Kit for BCPB2



PS-BC12312 is a Functional cables kit specially designed for customers’ easy and quick use of 3S 18650 Lithium Battery Charging, Protection and Balance Board – BCPB2. It provides external battery level indicator & control switch cable, charging LED indicator cable and charging done LED indicator cable, through which customers can have a better overview of the condition of the BCPB2. One charge cable and one discharge cable are also available in this cables kit for convenient connection. With the Functional cables kit, BCPB2 can be simply applied to almost any project as a portable power supply without any need of soldering, especially suitable for portable speakers, DIY audio, commercial audio and industrial audio applications. Package Includes 1pc PS-BC12312, Functional Cables Kit

The rotary potentiometer board is designed to meet customers’ requirements of volume control of WONDOM 2 X 30 WATT DIGITAL INPUT CLASS D AUDIO AMPLIFIER BOARD & DAC - TAS5754 / 5756. As for the connection, please kindly refer to the connection diagram of AA-AB32256 / AA-AB32255. It needs burning specialized program to achieve volume control function. Therefore, the petentiometer board in VC series cannot be used with AA-AB32256 / AA-AB32255.


Audio Signal Processor

Volume Control Rotary Potentiometer Board for TAS5756 / TAS5754 Amplifier Board




Audio Amplifier Board

2 x 30 Watt Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC - TAS5754



AA-AB32256 is a digital input high performance Class D audio amplifier with integrated audio processor, based on the TAS5754 from Texas Instruments. It provides 30Watts stereo, making it suitable for PC audio, Sound bars, Active speaker, DIY applications such as Raspberry pi. AA-AB32256 supports I2S digital input and supports high resolution playback up to 192kHz/24bit so customers can enjoy music same as originally recorded. Its advanced design offers low noise, high SNR and low THD+N as 0.06%, delivering premium audio quality to listeners. Besides, this board also provides 3-wire audio digital interface (no MCLK required), supporting Raspberry Pi, offering a swift and convenient audio solution for DIYers. It can also work as a high performance stereo audio DAC and supports direct analog output without amplification.

AA-AB41161 is a high performance signal converter, capable of converting analog signal into I2S signal, which can be used with WONDOM 2 x 30W Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC- TAS5754 (AA-AB32256). Customers can use it for digital audio systems. It provides commonly used RCA connector and line input connector for analog audio input. The power supply range is DC9-15V and it can be powered by WONDOM battery board. Video for how to use this board to achieve I2S input of JAB3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7huHn2JoGkA


Audio Signal Transceiver

CS5343 Analog to I2S Decode Board




Audio Signal Transceiver

CS4334 IIS/I2S to Stereo Analog Audio Signal Transceiver



Welcome to use WONDOM self-made CS4334 IIS/I2S Decode Board with H/P Output. It converts I2S signal into analog signal. And it can be connected with I2S and adjust any sampling rate between 2kHz and 100kHz. The output interface can be connected to headphone or power amplifier which could be used as audio input.

This is a product that can convert S/PDIF and I2S signal to each other. This product can convert the signal S/PDIF into I2S signal, or convert the signal I2S to S/PDIF signal. Signal conversion model can use the hardware setup, and you can also use the software setting. As for the hardware setup, please refer to the silkscreen on PCB. I2S signals and S/PDIF cannot be used as the input or output at the same time . Please turn off the input power supply when you switch the conversion mode. This WM8804 S/PDIF TOSLINK to IIS Converter has one LED indicator which shows the current operation status.And it can be used with WONDOM AA - AB41131 CS4334 IIS/I2S Decode Board with H/P Output.


Audio Signal Transceiver

WM8804 S/PDIF and IIS/I2S Audio Signal Transceiver


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