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Audio Signal Transceiver

Functional Cables Kit for BRB3



To provide customers with convenient operation and easy connection, we have released this Functional cables kit specially matched with AA-AB41136 (BRB3). It includes 1pc Bluetooth antenna, 1pc Bluetooth pairing cancellation cable, 1pc 3.5mm line output cable, 1pc PH-4pin cable, 1pc speaker output cable and 1pc Bluetooth LED indicator cable. With this cables kit, you can give full play to BRB3. Package Includes 1pc AA-AA11435

AA-AB41136 is a Bluetooth receiver board with Bluetooth V5.0, supporting various audio format as aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, SBC and AAC. High performance DAC ensures high quality audio transmission. Terminal interfaces mounted for analog output make it easy for integration with audio amplifiers. In addition to Bluetooth receiver board, AA-AB41136 can work as a low power stereo audio amplifier, delivering 3W per channel into a 4Ohm load, quite suitable for bookshelf amplifier, desktop audio, garden audio, hotel audio and DIY applications that needs wireless audio connection. A DC5V-32V power supply is required. Integrated with Bluetooth V5.0 AA-AB41136 employs Bluetooth 5.0 module for audio input, which supports various audio formats and high receive sensitivity with RF power up to 9dBm and -90dBm. There is a built-in antenna equipped on this board. An external antenna port is also provided on the board to ensure the stable connection and high audio performance even if this BRB3 is installed into a speaker or a cabinet. We have tested in open space with no interference, the Bluetooth wireless range can reach up to 80m. When input with maximum volume, the max line output voltage is 0.9Vrms. BRB3 supports Bluetooth name customization as well. Low Power Stereo Audio Amplifier This Bluetooth receiver board – BRB3 can also work as a stereo low power audio amplifier, outputting 3W per channel. That means, you can directly connect BRB3 with speakers for audio playback. Low power and wireless audio connection make BRB3 rather applicable to portable speakers, hotel audio, desktop audio and DIY applications. High Quality Audio Performance Thanks to carefully selected Bluetooth 5.0 module and engineers’ dedicated test and debug, BRB3 provides extremely high quality audio performance, which can definitely meet your Hi-Fi requirements. Supporting Battery Power Apart from power supply, BRB3 supports battery power, which further improves the portability of the audio system. It is recommended to use WONDOM BCPB series (battery boards with charging circuit) to power BRB3 as there is no charging circuit equipped on BRB3. Low Power Consumption and Long Playback Time BRB3 features low power consumption and high efficiency. You can enjoy music for long time even if you are outside and power it with a battery board. The quiescent current of the whole BRB3 board is 10mA. When the music is stopped, the power output stage would shutdown automatically to reduce power consumption. Easy for Integration and Control BRB3 is in compact size as 3’’ x 2’’, which means that it can be installed into any audio project without worry about occupying too much space. Four screw holes are offered for easy installation and immobilization. All the necessary connectors for normal connection and playback are provided on the board, therefore, you just need to plug in cables and enjoy music. Bluetooth pairing cancellation function is equipped on BRB3 for simple control. Functional Cables Kit Optional Taking convenient integration into account, we prepare a functional cables kit for BRB3, which includes 1pc Bluetooth antenna, 1pc Bluetooth pairing cancellation cable with button, 1pc 3.5mm line output cable, 1pc PH-4pin cable, 1pc speaker output cable and 1pc Bluetooth LED indicator cable. As for details, please refer to Functional Cables Kit for BRB3 (AA-AA11435). Package Includes 1pc AA-AB41136 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpedoED5rPw


Audio Signal Transceiver

Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board V5.0 & 2 x 3W Audio Amplifier– BRB3




Power Supply for HiFi

Functional Cables Kit for BCPB2



PS-BC12312 is a Functional cables kit specially designed for customers’ easy and quick use of 3S 18650 Lithium Battery Charging, Protection and Balance Board – BCPB2. It provides external battery level indicator & control switch cable, charging LED indicator cable and charging done LED indicator cable, through which customers can have a better overview of the condition of the BCPB2. One charge cable and one discharge cable are also available in this cables kit for convenient connection. With the Functional cables kit, BCPB2 can be simply applied to almost any project as a portable power supply without any need of soldering, especially suitable for portable speakers, DIY audio, commercial audio and industrial audio applications. Package Includes 1pc PS-BC12312, Functional Cables Kit

The rotary potentiometer board is designed to meet customers’ requirements of volume control of WONDOM 2 X 30 WATT DIGITAL INPUT CLASS D AUDIO AMPLIFIER BOARD & DAC - TAS5754 / 5756. As for the connection, please kindly refer to the connection diagram of AA-AB32256 / AA-AB32255. It needs burning specialized program to achieve volume control function. Therefore, the petentiometer board in VC series cannot be used with AA-AB32256 / AA-AB32255.


Audio Signal Processor

Volume Control Rotary Potentiometer Board for TAS5756 / TAS5754 Amplifier Board




Audio Amplifier Board

2 x 30 Watt Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC - TAS5754



This stereo mid-power digital audio amplifier board is capable of delivering 30W output power per channel into a 4Ohm load based on Class D topology and Texas Instruments TAS5754 chip, featuring high efficiency up to 90% and high sound quality with low distortion and low noise level. AA-AB32256 supports 3-wire I2S input, suitable for connecting with Raspberry Pi in DIY applications. Compact size, easy installation and mid power output makes this audio amplifier board suitable for home audio, car audio and demanding industrial applications. Besides amplifier board, AA-AB32256 can work as a high performance DAC. A DC10V – 24V power supply is required. Digital Input and High Quality Audio Performance By means of dedicated PCB layout design and engineers’ attentive debugging, this mid-power audio amplifier board features such high audio performance that you can get pure enjoy of the music, whose SNR reaches 102dB and THD+N performs well as 0.005% @ 4Ohm, 1W, 1kHz. This amplifier board supports I2S digital input and supports high resolution playback up to 192kHz/24bit so customers can enjoy music same as originally recorded. High Performance DAC In addition to speaker output, AA-AB32256 provides analog output without amplification, which means you can use this board as a high performance DAC. One board, multiple applications, which is highly cost-effective. Supporting Power Battery This audio amplifier can be powered by batteries, greatly improving the portability of the audio system. Thanks to the low power consumption, it features long playback time with WONDOM battery board (BCPB Series). It is suggested to use BCPB3 / BCPB4 to power this digital audio amplifier. External Volume control This mid-power amplifier board supports external volume control rotary potentiometer board (AA-AB41152). You can adjust volume through the potentiometer board. Please note that specialized program is needed to be burned for use with TAS5754 / TAS5756. Therefore, the potentiometers in WONDOM VC series can not be used with this audio amplifier board. High Reliability and Long Service Time Excellent heat dissipation eliminates the requirement of an extra heatsink and increases its reliability. Full protection circuit, like over temperature protection, overcurrent protection, over / under voltage protection, is equipped on this board for high reliability and long service time. Easy for Installation Four screw holes provided make this amplifier board easy for installation and quick for integration in any cabinet. Thanks to the pre-mounted industrial terminal interfaces, all you need to do is to plug in cables for connection, without any demand of soldering, which is swift and convenient. This board is in 3.6’’ x 2.7’’ compact size, which can be easily integrated into any audio projects without occupation of too much space. Package Includes 1pc AA-AB32256

AA-AB41161 is a high performance signal converter, capable of converting analog signal into I2S signal, which can be used with WONDOM 2 x 30W Digital Input Class D Audio Amplifier Board & DAC- TAS5754 (AA-AB32256). Customers can use it for digital audio systems. It provides commonly used RCA connector and line input connector for analog audio input. The power supply range is DC9-15V and it can be powered by WONDOM battery board. Video for how to use this board to achieve I2S input of JAB3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7huHn2JoGkA


Audio Signal Transceiver

CS5343 Analog to I2S Decode Board


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